Roni Porat in Asia in April

Roni Porat, famous conductor and speaker on leadership, creativity and innovation. will be coming to Asia in April.

Roni often takes the stage in his native Israel to share his musical talent and his valuable insights. He has been invited to conduct his leadership seminars and lectures entitled “Conducting Success”, for different audiences including government agencies, private companies and more. Roni captives the audience with music and entertainment, while imparting important lessons on management, leadership, communication and more.

Contact us to engage Roni Porat for your event, especially while he is in Asia this April 2018.

Roni PoratRoni Porat is a man of many talents. He is an orchestra conductor, composer, interdisciplinary artist, scriptwriter, actor, double bass player, lecturer, radio host, coach and  presenter of leadership seminars. His exceptional abilities to communicate naturally with a variety of age groups and sectors streams from being a traveler and performer all over Europe for the past 10 years.

Aside from being at the forefront of Israel’s creativity and concert stage scene, Roni Porat has also been invited to bring his leadership lectures called “Conducting Success” to different government agencies and private companies. His other presentations include:

  • Ravel’s “Bolero” and our habits – how changes in private habits can bring about results in the “habits of the organization”
  • “Beethoven’s 5th” – building “motifs” and identity towards “the symphony of our lives” on a personal level, and the strength of the organization
  • Stanislavsky’s “Rite of Sprint” – exercise on group’s cooperation and group leadership to be able to execute something considered to be complex

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