Vinh Giang: Problem-solving with a New Perspective

Australian born speaker and entrepreneur  Vinh Giang, makes use of magic to captivate his audience and offer new perspectives on how to deal with problems that arise in the workplace and businesses of today.

In this short clip, we get a glimpse of how Vinh Giang entertains the crowd while driving at very important points like

  • “The biggest illusion you experience in your life is when you tell yourself something cannot be done.”
  • “You are the direct reflection of the 5 people you spend time with. You get to choose who you want to become. You get to choose what your business becomes in the future by the people you collaborate with.”
  • “Being realistic is the most common path that leads one to mediocrity”

Watch the rest of this video to find out.

Vinh GiangVinh Giang is is Australian born, of Vietnamese/Chinese descent. Vinh has been performing magic from a very young age and this art helped transform his life.

His love for not only the art, but what magic has done for himself opened his eyes to the potential of what it could do for others. Vinh is the co-founder of online business Encyclopedia of Magic. He has taught the course to over 18,000 people all over the world in a span of 18 months. The Encyclopedia of Magic has since been accepted into the Australian YouTube partner as one of just 30,000 YouTube partners worldwide that can earn revenue through its videos.

Using the psychology behind magic Vinh relays powerful messages about positive thinking and how an individual reacts to different situations in life and business.

Vinh Giang’s keynote topics include:

  • “Rather a mind opened by wonder, than one closed by belief.”
  • Influence
  • Perspective
  • Misdirection

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