Aalok Gupta

Aalok Gupta is a growth strategist, thought leader and keynote speaker on business & Human Resources (HR), a fanatic who is driven to unravel the hidden potential of Human Capital. Through his compelling speeches, provocative workshops and valuable consulting, Aalok demonstrates how People are the greatest off-balance-sheet asset any organization possesses, large or small, public or private.

Aalok is the Managing Partner of LSF Global Limited, a consulting firm that advises top global leaders and boards of corporations, associations and academic forums on disruptive strategies to fuel their growth. He has worked with leading global companies such as HSBC, Schneider Electric, American Express and more.

As a speaker, Aalok examines organizations cultures, change management, digital transformations and adaptive innovation. His keynotes have been heard at top industry summits like Talent Management Asia, Training & Development Asia, Big Data & Analytics Sum- mit and Cloud Expo.

He also serves as the lead independent director on the board of three privately held firms. Aalok is involved with the development of young talent through junior achievement, vocational training and ethnic minorities.

A native of India, Aalok came to the Hong Kong as the Head of HR for HSBC and served the APAC region for a decade in three different capacities. Before that he lead businesses for 15 years as a banker, hotelier and consultant.


  1. Digital Transformation Expert:
    1. Leading Digital Transformations
    2. Leading Digital Teams
    3. Leading Careers in the Digital Age
    4. Digital Detox
  2. Human Resources Strategist:
    1. Employee Engagement
    2. Organization Culture
    3. Emotional Intelligence
    4. Talent Life Cycle
    5. Change Management
    6. HR Transformation


Thank you for that inspiring speech! It is very rare to find someone who can speak with their whole body. Your body language was great. Facial expression was truly genuine.
~Shik Heng Tay, Head of Transformation and Governance ASP | HSBC

Aalok is a very dynamic speaker and strategist. He has got a knack for engaging everyone even till the last row of audience. This was during the last session of the show, when most people are ready to pack and go home, he was able to keep the energy levels of other speakers and participants at a constant peak through till the very end. Exceptional speaker and moderator I’d highly recommend.
~Wendy Alison Yung | WTIA

I have heard the best speech (really) in my life, where you share ME Time WE Time. One of the E you shared is daily evaluation (journaling) was my biggest takeaway.
~Catherine | HKU

I have the opportunity to be in a banking conference panel discussion with Aalok as the moderator this week and he was probably one of the best moderators I have met. W e covered many topics in the panel and Aalok has keep the flow smooth while letting every panelists opportunity to speak their turns.
~ Martin Wong, BNP Paribas

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