Alisa Camplin

Australia’s first female Winter Olympic Gold Medalist, Alisa Camplin, possesses that rare story telling ability that inspires, entertains and transfers knowledge. Tens of thousands of people have been motivated, laughed and cried, and walked away with a toolkit of skills to create their own success after listening to Australia’s premier female speaker.

Learning to ski at just 19 years of age, Alisa broke nearly every bone in her body as she climbed through the ranks, brought home back-to-back Olympic medals and dominated the sport of Freestyle Aerial Skiing.

At the same time, Alisa built a global career with corporate giant IBM, leading $200M+ businesses as a senior executive working across business leadership, brand strategy, sales and service delivery. Now leading from the boardroom, Alisa is fresh, honest and deliberate in her pursuits, combining business fundamentals with an authentic resilient attitude in order to deliver results.

Proving that success is a choice, Alisa turned heart-wrenching personal adversity into an opportunity to improve the lives of others, raising more than $2M through her charity Finnan’s Gift. Awarded an Order of Australia medal in 2007, Alisa Camplin is demanded as a keynote speaker by multi-billion dollar companies and small organizations alike. Eloquent, passionate and as real as they come, Alisa Camplin has so much to share and must be heard.


  • Where to, what’s next… It’s your choice!
  • Planning, Preparation and Sustainable Repeat Success
  • Resilience in Action: Managing speed bumps, jumping hurdles and overcoming adversity
  • Excellence, Craft Mastery and Personal Growth
  • Creating success in Sport, Business and Life
  • Skills, tips and tools you can use in your own life, team and workforce


Alisa was wonderful to work with from start to finish. She showed a genuine interest in what we were trying to achieve and tailored her address to suit the audience. Listening to Alisa speak touches the heart, inspires, motivates and gives real insight into what it takes to be the best – which was applicable to a range of life experiences.

Alisa was the highlight of our event and lived up to all expectations. Utterly professional, very real and completely powerful. Could not have wanted more from a keynote speaker.

Alisa’s talk was one of the most inspirational presentations I have ever heard as a leader, and the feedback from consultants and Team Leaders in our business have mirrored these thoughts. Not only is she a great storyteller, her words, advice and learnings touched everyone in the room, on both a business and personal level. Not only was she engaging, fun and held the audience, she also left everyone with something to reflect on and sound actions which they can implement in their day to day lives. What a story and what an amazing, strong woman – thank you!

Alisa is a truly amazing individual. She is incredibly engaging and the audience were glued to her every word. She leaves you feeling inspired and motivated to achieve more in all aspects of your life, be that business, career, sporting or personal life. Further than just inspiring people she clearly outlines how to achieve success – 10/10.

One word – AMAZING! Alisa’s ability to overcome adversity, physical, mental and emotional challenges really left the audience inspired, motivated and ready to lead! The breadth of the presentation was phenomenal. She was able to share and freely talk through extremely personal stories in a professional manner which made a huge impact on the audience. Alisa was able to share her sporting accomplishments and relate her learning’s and the tools she used during this time to the corporate working environment. She brought fantastic personality and authenticity to the presentation which helped keep the audience connected and sitting on the edge of their seats!

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