Allan Pease

Allan Pease researches and studies selling, relationships and human communication. He teaches simple, field-tested skills and techniques that get results. And he delivers his message in a humorous way, which motivates people to want to use these ideas immediately.

Allan Pease Body LanguageAllan is the author of best sellers including  ‘Definitive Book of Body Language (sold over 6 Million copies),  ‘Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps’ (sold over 13 Million copies)  ‘Easy Peasey, Questions Are The Answers’, ‘Write Language’, and many others

In a highly entertaining, fast moving presentation, Allan takes you through powerful communication techniques and teaches you how to decode other people’s behaviour – and what to do about it. He also reveals how to decode a wide range of subtle clues that appear in meetings, phone calls, negotiations and face-to-face encounters.


Communicating For Results

  • How to get the opposite sex to say ‘yes’
  • What men & women need to do to get on in business
  • How to avoid arguments, disagreements and conflicts
  • How to get co-operation and gain credibility
  • Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps

Body Language – It’s Not What You Say

  • How to spot if someone is lying or hedging
  • Sales and negotiation – reading across the table
  • How to develop instant rapport and get co-operation
  • How to read between the lines of what is said
  • Why men should never lie to a woman

Allan Pease MapHow To Be A People Magnet – It’s Easy Peasey

  • How to make powerful lasting first impressions
  • How to effortlessly turn any situation to your favour
  • How to be a great conversationalist
  • How to make others feel important
  • How to become a ‘human magnet’

Questions Are The Answers

  • How to get interest and keep attention
  • How to motivate others to WANT to join your cause
  • How to give powerful presentations
  • Why the law of averages always works
  • The 5 Solid Gold Questions that never fail


It was our great pleasure having Allan as our keynote speaker in Beijing. The feedback from our attendees was unanimously positive. Allan delivered exactly what we wanted, and for this, I and Guardian’s committee extend our heartfelt thanks for making our business session such a resounding success.
~ Guardian Life of the Caribbean.

Today I heard the Most inspiring, and thought provoking session of my life. Allan’s session was Moving, and Life changing. He is the Funniest Speaker Ever, and yet the Most humble, with the world Class content. Simply put, he is Phenomenal!
As one of Middle East’s Largest Organisers and having worked with hundreds of International speakers, Allan is my Number One Choice.
~ Managing Director,Hamayesh Farazan

“Allen Pease is a world class expert who gives a world class performance.”
~ Roger Dawson, Author of “Secrets of Power Negotiating.”

Allan Pease is among the most entertaining, intelligent and personable speakers in the world.  Whenever he stands up, I sit down to take notes.
~ Brian Tracy – Speaker/Author

Thank you Allan for your amazing Management seminar in Tehran.
We were all impressed and inspired by your messages of how to be a success in life.
~ Agri Bank, Iran

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