Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee’s unique real life story is one of plain clarity and simplicity.

In 1993, when Alvin Lee was the general manager of an electronics factory, he and his family invented and patented the construction set to build better sandcastles. His dream is that children around the world can build better sandcastles with better tools.  In the beginning, the project started out with great enthusiasm and energy, but soon enough he started encountering a long series of rejections and obstacles.   Unable to get any head start in Singapore, he ventured into USA looking for a suitable partner.

In 1995, he found such a partner, Eagle Affiliates. They got into a 10 years partnership and launch the product, Beachworks. Not long after, in 1998, this family hobby project ended up in the world largest toy fair, the New York Toy Fair and won the major toy award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, the “Oscar” award equivalent in the toy industry.  It was featured in MSNBC’’s Today Show,  ABC, “A Stroke of Genius”Talking Point, and many other major news programs.

From a simple dream, it turned into a success. Today, some 20 years later, Alvin Lee runs a corporate training company Castles Can Fly that uses the same equipment to help corporate and youth program to make their own dreams come true.  He also started Castle Beach, a volunteer-run social enterprise movement, promoting the joy and benefits of family building sandcastles together.

 In his book “Castles Can Fly”, the sandcastle story is an eternal testament to the transforming power of our dreams and the importance of listening to our hearts.  Through his book and speeches, “Castles Can Fly”, his main essence is to encourage all to create a world where our dreams do come true.  Through his against-the-grain wit and self-effacing humour, he skillfully cuts across corporate polite-ness to address the universal point: “What does it take to bring out the excitement and vigour in all our lives?”

Through his corporate training company, Beautiful Minds, Alvin Lee speak and train regularly in the region e.g. Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Mauritius Hong Kong.  In his many regional talks, it is not uncommon for the audience to feel that this story bears striking resemblance to the boy, Santiago in the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

Alvin Lee received his MBA education from Brunel/Henley (UK) program and Industrial Engineering degree from University of Newcastle , Australia.

Corporate Programs

  • Lessons from the sands
    • A practical hands-on workshop that translates current corporate management challenges into simple scalable session for all staff, using the process of building sandcastles.
  • The Journey and the Dream
    • A light-hearted yet intensive session to re-discover our “child-like” innocence, once again.


  • Inspirational speeches
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Start-up business
  • Motivating staff
  • Leadership
  • Management

Speaking References

  • MDRT 2011
  • Prudential Malaysia 6 Cities CEO Tour 2011
  • India CIO Award
  • Sunlife Philippines Award
  • Great Eastern Malaysia Leadership Conference


Alvin, You did a great job on the main platform- the participants really enjoyed your presentation. We certainly appreciate the message you shared with our audience.

~ Jennifer A. Borislow, MDRT 2011 First Vice-Presidnet, MDRT 2012 Presidnet-Designate

Alvin, You are an inspiration to everyone you meet.  Keep building those sand castles!

~ Tom Hegna, First V P;   Retirement Income Security, New York Life

Alvin, Thanks very much for your inspiring speech.  Your insights and empathy is truly priceless.

Robert Grieves, Chief Marketing Communications Officer (Asia Pacific,  MetLife

Thank you for the GREAT sharing on MDRT Experience!  You are a Dynamite! “Castles Can Fly”, will be my Inspiration! And your castles will fly everywhere with me and people around me!  Thank you

Cassie Zheng, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

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