Top Notch Speakers on Staff Engagment and Motivation

Want to be inspired by the true experts on staff engagement and motivation?  Let me introduce our 3 spekaers whom are renowned in their contributions in these areas: James Adonis James Adonis is one of Australia’s best-known people-management thinkers and is passionate about employee engagement. He is the author of three books including his latest, […]

John Shackleton: The Secrets of Motivation

Why some people are more successful in what they do?  Where success come from?  What are the secrets of motivation? Organisations spend a large percentage of training budgets teaching a variety of communication and sales skills but few people know how to instill the self confidence that helps them to get things done, achieve their […]

Dr Joseph Michelli Interviewed by South China Morning Post

Dr Joseph Michelli’s Interview in South China Morning Post, Hong Kong on 23 August Consultant helps companies get personal Consultant Joseph Michelli’s book about the rise and rise of the Starbucks coffee company could not have been more ominously timed. Described by Publisher’s Weekly as a “paean to one of the truly exceptional American success […]

Rob Lilwall – Lessons Learnt from Cycling Home from Siberia

Rob Lilwall is best known for his epic, 30,000 mile Cycling Home From Siberia expedition. Rob’s presentation tells the tale of how as a very ordinary person, he learnt to camp at minus forty degrees in Siberia, to cross swollen rivers in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, and to survive the lonely passes of […]

Kristin Lowe: Overwhelmed by emails? We have cures…

Overwhelmed by emails?  Kristin Lowe, Asia-Pacific’s first Certified Professional Organizer, shows you how to concur it, by learning from the procedures adopted in ER…  Details of Kristin at Speakers Connect Let’s say there’s been a massive traffic accident on a highway near you. Within minutes, the emergency room reception area of the nearest major […]

The Starbucks Experience Book Review at SCMP Classified Post

The Starbucks Experience by Dr Joseph Michelli is being reviewed by SCMP Classifed Post. The book’s strength is that there are “transferable lessons” for every area with which today’s businesses concern themselves – marketing to management, adverse publicity to environmental responsibility. What stands out is that a company can have a positive impact on every […]

Alan Sieler: Coping with Life’s Challenges with Ontological Coaching

Life can be challenging at times.  Alan Sieler, auther of “Ontological Coaching” suggests a holistic approach to cope with life’s challenges. Whenever we do not get what we want, we tend to look outside, and explain that it’s somebody else’s fault, that we are not the one to blame. Yet, such thinking usually puts us […]

Alice Kaushal Etiquette Q&A: How does one get out of a boring conversation politely?

Alice Kaushal, business social etiquette expert shares practical etiquette tips.  Here are a few tricks on how to get out of a boring converation politely.  There are a few tried and tested strategies: “The Handoff”- you hail a friend/ colleague, make the introduction, get them talking and then excuse yourself. Trouble is, you have to […]

Dr Joseph Michelli Addressing the Hong Kong Audience for His Leadership Workshop on 30 August

Dr Joseph Michelli is going to conduct his Leadership Workshop, The Starbucks Experience in Hong Kong for the first time.  There are many leadership lessons he is going to share in the event.  Watch the video below from Dr Michelli on the Hong Kong Event.

John Shackleton: Change Is Possible… When Motivation Is Key

Tried to change a bad habit many times but failed? John Shackleton, professional athlete turned performance expert, tells you the secret of motivation. Details of John at Speakers Connect. As an inspirational speaker my job is to get people to take action on things they are failing to follow through on and one of the […]

Speakers Connect July Showcase Media Coverage

Speakers Connect July Showcase was featured in Classfiied Post, SCMP on Sat for our staging six International Speakers on strategies for succss in business.  How to better utilise a sales force, what should be done to maximise the value of the marketing budget, and ways to enhance the effectiveness of business strategies were among the […]

Dr Joseph Michelli Interviewed by SCMP Classified Post on his research on “International Chain’s Extraordinary Success”

Dr Joseph Michelli was interviewed by SCMP Classfied Post on his research on the success of international chains, including Starbcucks, and his first event in Hong Kong on 30 Aug 2010 co-hosted by Classified Post and Speakers Connect. For the Hong Kong audience, he intends to highlight the point that operational excellence is not enough […]