Brian Cha

Brian Cha has achieved what others thought impossible by breaking three gruelling World Records in “Most Golf Balls Driven Into a Target Area in 12 Hours”, “The Most Electricity Generated By Pedalling on Bicycles In 24 Hours” & “Most Basketball Layups Made In 12 Hours”. Brian endured serious injuries, blood & tears, and thousands of hours of trainings to conquer the fates. Indeed, his journey has just getting started. His goal in the next few years is to become the only person in the world to break ten World Records in ten different sports categories.

Brian demonstrates to the world that life is off limits and all dreams are achievable. Through self belief, determinations perseverance, tireless work ethnics and teamwork, all records are breakable.

From Fitness Professional to Entrepreneur, World Records Holder, Author & Motivational Speaker, Brian empowers people to believe there is no limitations in life and demonstrates how to turn setbacks and negativities into motivation.


No Dreams are too big

The speech illustrates Brian’s World Records journey.  Brian shows the audience how to defeat mediocrity, how to set goals, what tireless work ethnics meant to his success, how to block out noises and how to deal with defeats in order to achieve the far-fetched goals.  Audience is expected to feel inspired and full of possibility after listening to Brian.


“Thanks Brian for a great speech for us. It’s very motivational and inspiring because Brian showed and proved how he broke the records step by step with a tough mind. ”

“Brian is a very influential person with infectious personality. His story makes me believe there is no limits in life. ”

“Thank you Brian for his passionate and inspiring sharing. Your showing us how setting far-fetched dreams, hard work and perseverance and eventually achieving them is very impactful.”

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