Bruce McKern

Professor Bruce McKern is an educator, corporate advisor and highly regarded speaker on innovation, strategy & international business. His most recent work is on innovation in China, on which he has addressed many businesses, universities and government organisations in recent years.

0Prof. McKern currently is Adjunct Professor at UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney.  He was Professor of International Business and Co-Director of the Centre on China Innovation, China Europe International Business School in Shanghai until 2014 and he is an adviser for the Maritime Silk Road Society in Hong Kong.

Throughout his career, Prof. McKern has held leadership positions in research and teaching at top universities, including Director of the Sloan Master’s Program at Stanford Business School, President of the Carnegie Bosch Institute at Carnegie Mellon, Dean of two Australian business schools, and most recently Visiting Research Fellow positions at Oxford and INSEAD.

Prof. McKern has conducted executive programs in strategy and innovation for a wide range of international companies including Schneider, Bayer, Philips, GE China, Bosch Group, Element 6, Nitto Denko, E&Y, Rio Tinto, Goodyear China, Nestlé China and Shandong Gold.

Prof. McKern writes extensively about innovation, strategy and international business. He is the author and editor of numerous academic papers and no less than eight books. His latest book, China’s Next Strategic Advantage: from Imitation to Innovation, was published by MIT Press in 2016. He is also a regular commentator on issues of Chinese innovation and MNC strategy in Chinese and international media.

Prof. McKern hold a Doctorate in International Business from Harvard Business School and an Honours BE in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sydney.

Prof. McKern combines an extensive understanding of innovation and international strategy and deep experience of national innovation ecosystems, particularly in China, with an engaging and authoritative presentation style.


  • China’s Next Strategic Advantage: from Imitation to Innovation
  • China’s One Belt One Road Initiative
  • Making Innovation Happen: the Twin roles of Business and Government
  • Leading Corporate Innovation
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