David Thomas

David Thomas suffered a very challenging childhood at the hands of his alcoholic mother and brutal aged stepfather. He went off the rails at 16, leaving school with almost no qualifications and did not attend college. He became an operational fire-fighter at the age of 20. He kept failing his promotion exams so at the age of 27 bought a book on how to improve his memory. He discovered he had a gift. 8 months later he went to the 1996 World Memory Championships coming 4th. He has since gone on to develop one of the most powerful memories in history.

Memory achievements

  •   US Memory Champion
  •   International Grandmaster of Memory
  •   GuinnessÒ memory record breaker – reciting Pi to 22,500 digits
  •   World Memory Championships medallist
  •   World memory record holder – 100 packs of playing cards
  •   US memory record breaker – 160 digits in 5 minutes

Published author

Essential Lifeskills: Improving Your Memory – Dorling Kindersley
Published in 16 countries with total sales of 150,000 copies.

Tell Me Why, Mummy – Harper Collins
Sunday Times #1 bestseller with total worldwide sales of 350,000 copies to date.

Media personality

Over 500 media interviews including BBC World Service, Wall Street Journal and going on The Oprah Winfrey Show that went out to 250 million people wordwide.

International speaker

  • Spoken for 20 years in 21 countries to date. Will be 30 countries by the end of 2018.
  • Biggest audience was 5000.
  • Venues have included Caesars Palace, Las Vegas and Tower of London.
  • Awarded Speaker Hall of Fame by the Academy for Chief Executives.


Keynote speech

It’s not the cards you are dealt in life but the way that you play them.

David shares his life story of overcoming terrible adversity as a child to becoming one of the greatest practitioners in history in his chosen field of excellence, memory.

Key points

  •   Forget the why; only focus on the HOW
  •   Success does not have to be a spectator sport
  •   The more responsibility you take, the better your life will be
  •   Someone has to be successful – think BIG and it will be you

Suitable events and audiences for his keynote speech

Leadership/CEO events and sales conferences.


You are what you can remember

David is a world class memory practitioner and he shares the techniques that he has taught for 20 years worldwide to more than 250,000 people.

  •   The two principles of memory improvement
  •   Techniques to memorise lists, sales details, presentations, numbers, exam info
  •   How to maintain 80% recall at all times
  •   Demonstration of David’s unbelievable skills

NOTE: Average improvement is 80% during the session.

Speed reading

Saving 10 minutes a day reading amounts to 58 hours a year, an entire working week. David increases the reading speed of his delegates by an average of 40% during the session. He also increases concentration, retention and comprehension, three key problems with reading.

  •   Test to find base line
  •   How to read more quickly
  •   How to apply to all types of reading material

NOTE: David has delivered both of the above masterclasses to over 3500 CEOs in the last 15 years.


…I think honour is a very appropriate word. I feel honoured that you were able to join us in Manchester, I feel honoured that you shared your personal story, I feel honoured that you were able to remember most of my opening speech but most of all I feel honoured to have met you.  We have had a number of external speakers at events of all kinds over the years but none have provoked such enthusiastic and heartfelt feedback directly to me than you! It has genuinely been overwhelming.  You not only nailed it David – and believe me you really did nail it – but you also managed to weave in, authentically, the key messages and themes for the entire M Forum and the focus for us for 2017 as a team. A real and rare skill.  Your story touched me deeply. You are and will always now be an inspiration to me.
~  Noel Butwell, UK Head of Sales, Standard Life

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