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As President/ CEO of three companies, Dr. Denis Cauvier understands the realities, challenges & opportunities faced by senior executives in today’s turbulent economy. Having researched the best business ideas, practices and case studies from around the world he takes this global perspective and creates localized solutions for his audiences thus providing them with competitive strategic advantages. Denis creates practical methods of attracting, pre-screening, selecting, leading, developing, engaging and retaining exceptional people.

Denis’s highly customized content delivery style fosters participant interaction, discussion and idea exchange around the topic covered. Attendees greatly value the “ah-ha” moments, the relatable case studies, and the ready-to-use practical tools, checklists and templates. Denis provides proven low cost/ high impact methods to decrease costly employee turnover, increase levels of productivity, enhance performance, increase sales and customer satisfaction, increase market share, and boost profits. Denis’s strategies have added over $300 million in new value/revenue, and have boosted his client’s profits by tens of millions of dollars.

Denis’s clients include hundreds of small/medium companies, family businesses, 200+ multinational firms, dozens of Fortune 500 companies, an African King, an Arabian Sheikh and several billionaires. With over 23 years as a professional speaker/ consultant, Dr. Cauvier has spoken to over one million people across America, and 50 other countries. He is a frequent expert in the New York Times, LA Times, CBS, ABC, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MSNBC, and Forbes. In 1998 Dr. Cauvier was awarded The Consummate Speaker of the Year Award recipient. Previous award recipients include; former British Prime Minister, Lady Margaret Thatcher, best-selling author Tom Wolfe and Emmy Award winning Wiliam F. Buckley, Jr. He is the best-selling author of nine books:

  • How To Hire the Right PersonDenis Cauvier Book
  • How To Keep Your Staff Productive & Happy
  • Achieve It! A Personal Success Journal
  • The ABC’s of Making Money
  • The ABCs of Making Money For Teens
  • Attracting, Selecting & Retaining Great People
  • 101 Low Cost/ High Impact Recruiting Methods
  • Stop $pending Money on Your People – How to Turn HR into a Profit Center


Low Cost/ High Impact Staff Recruiting & Retention Strategies to Boost Your Bottom Line

Despite the onslaught of negative economic news in the media, many employers today are still finding it challenging to recruit and retain GREAT people. Savvy business owners and managers understand that one of the most important elements of maintaining business success particularly in today’s economy is by running a lean, highly motivated and productive team of employees.

There are a number of factors impacting employers in Asia. They are being squeezed by the current tight labour market. Rural employers are competing with the major cities for available talent with the ongoing labor drain.  There is aggressive recruiting from neighboring countries. There is an ongoing chronic “brain drain” of many talented people, and very little succession planning despite the fact that many of our best employees are due to retire within the next few years.  A high level of staff turnover is not only a constant disruption of productivity but actually costs employers a tremendous amount of money that directly affects their bottom line!

The human resources function is a key component to any organization regardless of the size, nature of business or geographic location. In short, Asian business from start-ups to long-standing organizations are seeking practical, common-sense, low cost solutions to these HR issues! Join Dr. Denis Cauvier (Leading speaker/ consultant on the topic of staff recruitment & retention) in his practical, results oriented workshop that will help you boost your bottom-line!

Areas to be covered:

  • Discover, what is a GREAT person
  • Explore the real cost of high employee turnover
  • Attract the best applicants
  • Simplify and enhance the selection process
  • Uncover powerful methods of welcoming new staff
  • Learn proven low cost/ high impact methods to keep your staff productive & happy while greatly reducing turnover

Delivering True Customer Centric Service

Customer-centricity calls for a comprehensive cultural shift within an organization, and that it is hard to achieve for precisely this reason. Since a change of this nature can take years to set in, it needs the stewardship of senior management to ensure that it does not lose direction or momentum midway. This session will focus on the specific do’s and don’ts of moving an organization towards delivering true customer centric service.

Attendees will discover:

  • The key elements that constitute true customer centric service
  • Four winning customer centric strategies
  • Seven silo breaking strategies
  • The concept of Chief Customer Officer CCO
  • Customer centric service from inside-out model
  • Pulling it all together and making it stick

Succession Planning, A Plan to Succeed™

With the recent recession behind us, most Asian countries predict a brighter economic future, coupled with the forth coming retirement of large numbers of baby boomers over the next decade. Organizations will find that the battle for key and hard to hire talent will heat up. It is vitally important to ensure the continuity of staffing for all key leadership and high skills positions within both the private and public sectors in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Savvy organizations that invest in effective succession planning will become Employers of Choice in the coming decade.

“76% of all organizations with 500+ employees have no formal succession plan, this number increases as the number of total employees is smaller… the risk of failing to plan for the timely succession of key and hard to fill positions becomes critical with smaller organizations.”

American Society of Training & Development – June 2012

Succession Planning: The process of identifying long-range organizational needs and cultivating a supply of internal talent to meet those future needs. Succession planning is used to anticipate the future needs of the organization and assist in finding (internally and externally), assessing and developing the human capital necessary to the strategy of the organization.

Dr. Denis Cauvier will share with your group:

  • How effective succession planning is vital to your organization
  • The “Planning to Succeed: Five Step Succession Planning Model”
  • How to overcome the most common problems in getting started on Succession Planning
  • Succession Planning Readiness Questionnaire ™
  • Solving workforce gaps
  • Low Cost/ High Impact ways to make your Succession Plan works

Hired 2.0 – Recruiting Exceptional Talent at the Speed of Light™

Recruiters have always sought the fastest, cheapest methods to increase both the quantity and quality of applicants.  The growth of the Internet is revolutionizing the recruitment landscape, with the proliferation of sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and industry Blogs plus podcasts, recruiters are faced with much broader outreach channels when searching for talent. The interactive makeup of these sites not only allow for organizations to promote opportunities, but also gives them immediate access to much more in-depth information about prospect hires than would be available through the use of more traditional recruitment methods. Tapping into the global community via social media marketing is the perfect combination of “word of mouth” coupled with “speed of light, global advertising”! This presentation is based upon Dr. Denis Cauvier’s eighth book Hired 2.0 – Recruiting Exceptional Talent at the Speed of Light™ (The world’s first book of social media recruiting).

Attendees will discover how to:Hired-2.0

  • become an Employer of Choice, so that you enjoy “an army” of recruiters
  • capitalize on 12 key employee experiences that greatly impact your brand
  • have your organization/ career opportunities become “Referable”
  • use social media marketing to recruit and select people
  • identify and engage both active and passive candidates
  • align new social media recruiting with “traditional” recruiting
  • hear about organizations that have hired exceptional talent using these tools
  • get started now

Low Cost/ High Impact Strategies to Engage & MotivateYour Team in Turbulent Times

The global market has recently been in a state of flux.  There is ample discussion and concern about the recent recession, negative national budgets, and the recent “gains” of the economy. Powerful foreign competitors are attempting to gain Asian market share.  Margins are being squeezed, competitors are aggressively targeting your clients & the expectations of today’s consumers are more demanding than ever before.

Business success in any economic climate is a matter of being able to tap into the potential of your employees, in good times or in bad.  Join in this powerful results-oriented workshop as leading expert Dr. Denis Cauvier shares his powerful low cost, high impact team engagement & motivation strategies that will boost your business in today’s economy by understanding the following:

  • Most common frustrations faced by leaders and how to deal with them
  • 4 dangerous traps to avoid at all costs
  • 10 top employee engagement drivers
  • United we stand, low cost/ high impact motivational strategies
  • Becoming “lean, keen, mentally and financially fit”

Becoming Multi-lingual, How to Speak to & be Understood by Different Workplace Generations

Today is the first time in history that that we have four distinct generations in the workforce at the same time. With this reality comes both opportunities and challenges in that each of these demographics has different attitudes and values with respect to work and life. In fact, many people feel that it is as if the other generations speak a different language. Business owners, managers and supervisors need to not only understand the key generational differences but only how to speak to & be understood by all workplace generations in order to attract, motivate and retain GREAT employees.


  • How can we recruit the best candidates from Boomer, Gen-X & Gen Y labor pool?
  • How do we keep these diverse groups challenged & productive?
  • How do we keep the best ones from moving on?
  • How can the organization respect and work with all of these diverse values?

If your organization find’s itself asking questions like these, you will greatly benefit from Dr. Denis Cauvier, leading expert on Finding and Keeping Staff and his practical, results oriented presentation Becoming Multi-lingual, How to Speak to & be Understood by Different Workplace Generations.  Denis explains in simple terms what makes Generation Xers, Baby Boomers and Net (Y) Generations employees different, and outlines how your organization can capitalize on these unique values, skills and characteristics.

Points to be covered:

  • Explore the major shaping influences of each generational group and factors the affect overall happiness
  • Examine possible sources of generational conflict within the workforce and how to avoid them
  • Introduce cross values in the workplace
  • Review how to adapt to meet the needs of these different groups of employees
  • Understand what “work-life balance” means to each group
  • Review the retention attitudes of each demographic and discover what keeps them with the same company
  • Learn characteristics of other generations that bother them the most
  • Learn the key recruiting messages that will attract peak performers from each generational group
  • Understand how to Communicate best with each group in the workplace
  • Discover how to orient, train & develop staff
  • Explore what each generation wants the other to know about them
  • Uncover which leadership styles work best with all groups

Stop Spending Money on your PeopleStop $pending Money on Your People – How to Turn Your HR Function into a Profit Center

For over 23 years Dr. Cauvier has been an advocate of the notion that HR/Human Capital function needs to be seen and held accountable as a “Profit Center”. Companies must stop spending money on HR activities and start investing instead. When we think in terms of investments, there is an implied expect rate of return from these investments; HR should be no different. Each investment needs to be analyzed to consider the business case rationale prior to proceeding and then measured to determine the actual contribution made to the bottom-line. This presentation makes a compelling argument that in order to survive let alone prosper in today’s turbulent marketplace HR functions must get beyond the traditional transactional processes and contribute towards the company’s profits.

Stop $pending Money on Your People shares Dr. Cauvier’s PROFIT™ model to articulating the business case of where and how to make wise investments based on HR generated solutions, and ultimately how to measure the ROI on these HR generated solutions. Many case examples from Dr. Cauvier’s international consulting practice will showcase specific HR solutions and the ROI generated. Stop $pending Money on Your People also includes dozens of ready to use tools, checklists and templates to facilitate the implementation of Dr. Cauvier’s concepts.

As a speaker and consultant, one of the author’s greatest sources of professional pride is his track record in helping companies reframe their perspective on HR/ Human Capital by creating specific strategies to maximize their returns on all HR investments. These investments result in reduced time and cost of hiring, increase levels of productivity, reduce employee turnover, enhance customer satisfaction, improve sales, and ultimately increase profits.

Stop $pending Money on Your People – How to Turn Your HR Function into a Profit Center: covers the following:

  •  The notion of HR as a profit center
  •  Overview of Dr. Cauvier’s PROFIT Model for Maximizing HR’s ROI
  •  Key HR Metrics
  •  Global best practice examples
  •  When and how to start the HR profit center
  •  Going viral, ways to create excitement

Notes on all of Dr. Denis Cauvier topics:

  •  Highly Interactive: Each program will be highly interactive with ample group discussions, practical examples and exercises to ensure the transference of skills.
  •  Handouts:  A participant handout will be created specifically for this presentation with various ready to use templates, checklists and tools.
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