Explorer Paul Rose on Protecting the Environment

Explorer Paul Rose was interviewed by Oriental Daily News where he talked about protecting the environment. You can read the interview, which is in Chinese, here

paul rose

About Paul Rose

A man at the front line of exploration and one of the world’s most experienced divers and polar travellers, Paul Rose has been helping scientists unlock global mysteries for the past 30 years in the most remote and challenging regions of the planet.

Paul is Vice-President of the Royal Geographical Society, an active explorer, television and radio broadcaster, a field science expert and published author. He has been working in Antarctica and the Arctic every year since 1990.

With unique access across a wide range of expert fields, Paul is constantly working to raise awareness of global issues such as the understanding and protection of our ecosystems and biodiversity, climate change and sustainability. He is an award-winning champion for inspiring and motivating the next generation of field scientists and explorers.

A popular and sought-after presenter, his television credits include the highly acclaimed BBC Oceans, Voyages of Discovery, Take One Museum and Meltdown. He reports for BBC News and makes regular appearances on BBC Breakfast, current affairs programmes and Sky News.

To book Paul for a speaking engagement, contact us at [email protected].

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