Fernando Salvetti

Author of “Glocal” Working and Learn How To Learn, entrepreneur and founder of LKN – Logosnet.

Winner of several recognition and awards as a knowledge entrepreneur, he’s at the forefront of cross-cultural intelligence to develop today’s business in the global world.

Because his global footprint, he is travelling and living around the world with his family to have a better understanding of different “ways of world-making” and shaping the world.

He co-designed e-REAL, a revolutionary immersive lab to visualize knowledge and develop people, among my professional goals there is its diffusion: www.e-real.net.

As an educator, epistemologist and cultural anthropologist (BA – MA – MBA – DJ – PhD), he is used to delivering key-note speeches and executive education, teaching at graduate and post-graduate programs, advising corporations and governments across the globe on cultural intelligence, global communication, scenario analysis, strategic thinking, leadership development, innovative learning methodologies, communication of science and technology, curricula development, qualifications.

He also works with educational institutions – universities, business schools, medical schools, vocational schools and colleges, museums, theaters, etc. – on knowledge visualization and visual thinking, experiential and immersive learning, curricula development and qualifications, anthropology of knowledge and cross-cultural intelligence.

More info about his experience and books on www.fernandosalvetti.info and  www.logosnet.org.

Specialties and key-topics:

  • Be International! How to live at your best a “glocal” life.
  • International Business 3.0. Cross-cultural intelligence and new markets, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and partnerships.
  • Do you know your next “combat” zone abroad? Tips to be effective.
  • Do you have a survival guide for your next destination as an expat? Tips to be effective.
  • Keep It Simple! International communication and cultural psychology.
  • Anthropology & Business. How to develop your business with cultural intelligence.
  • What Is Cultural Intelligence? A concept for bridging and benefiting from cultural differences.


Fernando is an inspiring speaker dealing with key-topics such as anthropology and international business, cultural psychology, education and communication at an international level.

Winner of several recognition and awards as a knowledge entrepreneur, he’s at the forefront of cross-cultural intelligence to develop today’s business in the global world.

He specializes in helping executives and managers from multinational companies, international organizations and governments to foster their cultural awareness and cross-cultural intelligence in order to deal with challenges such as:

  • international and global operations, working teams, projects;
  • international mergers and acquisitions, alliances and partnerships;
  • knowledge sharing and dissemination at an international level;
  • capacity building, lifelong learning, coaching, educational activities and strategies;
  • international behavioral codes and leadership styles.


Anthropology For Managers (book, coming soon); Knowledge Sharing In The Age Of The New Media (book, coming soon); “Glocal” Working: Living And Working Across The World With Cultural Intelligence, 2010 (book); Ethics & Business: Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Ethical Instruments, 2010 (book); Anthropology And Epistemology for Global Managers, 2010 (paper); Cultural Intelligence And International Business, 2009 (paper); Internationales Business innerhalb nationaler und kulturelle Grenzen, 2009 (paper); Le commerce international entre les frontiers nationales et culturelles, 2009 (paper); Where Can You Go Without Cultural Intelligence?, 2009 (paper); Learn How To Learn! Knowledge Society, Education And Training, 2009 (book); Knowledge Sharing + Networking = Product Innovation, 2009 (paper); Global and local services, 2009 (paper); Gli strumenti dell’etica, 2007 (book); Società della conoscenza e formazione, 2006 (book); China, 2005 (paper); etc.


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