Lauren Burns

Lauren Burns won an Olympic gold medal in taekwondo when the sport made its debut at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. She has a bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), is a mother of two gorgeous children and is the author Fighting Spirit and her self published cookbook Food from a Loving Home.

Lauren was awarded the Order of Australia in 2001 and has a string of international titles and achievements to her name. She conducts regular motivational presentations, active workshops and health and wellness programs all over Australia and abroad.

Lauren has always been passionate about food and health. She continues this passion with regular media commitments, articles, blogging and cooking classes both private, school based and corporate.
Inspirational Keynote Presentation 

Time: From 20 mins to 1 hour
During her keynote presentation, Lauren will:
  • Share inspirational stories and relating them to the audience.
  • Include key messages relating to self-belief, passion, determination vs natural talent, strategy and studying your opponents and self-talk.
  • Teach the whole audience a few taekwondo moves – with a big Khiap! Plus getting someone up on stage to break a board.

Workshop / Active Presentation / BOARD BREAK (Keynote included)

Time: Around 1.5 – 2 hours

A great way to kick off a conference or as the very last session – to end on the high energy and sense of achievement of all breaking the boards together.

This works well with any size group, small and intimate or hundreds of people.  The noise and intensity in the room with hundreds of people breaking boards is awesome!


Excellent. Lauren has an outstanding story to tell and is generous with her medal, autographs, photographs etc. I strongly recommend her.
~ ANZ Bank

A young, energetic and articulate person. Lauren was well spoken, talked to the audience, gave colourful examples which made the audience laugh, as well as making our function a success.

Your inspirational message to our guests was first class and really sealed for us a great night of recognition, for the top achievers in our Dealer network. I know that our people will benefit from your experience and can only hope that some of them can “dare to dream”, and achieve just as you have done.
~ Mercedes-Benz

Lauren was absolutely sensational.

The room was electric, they stood clapping their broken boards together. Lauren signed every board, which was printed with the conference theme “Breakthrough”. The memento boards now adorn many offices. Fantastic!
~ Wrigley’s

Excellent, Lauren’s energy was intoxicating. Our guests were mesmerised.
~ PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Our conference ‘Reach for the Sky’ was a great success and largely due to your presentation which matched perfectly with our team’s focus and themes for the rest of the year. It was truly motivating and inspirational! We had another two days of conference and many of the guys were consistently referring to yours and Martin’s presentation and particularly the focus, control and follow through themes. Your energy and enthusiasm made a big difference to the rest of the conference
~ Toyota

Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent talk you gave at our conference last week and for helping with the awards presentation. I have had great feedback from the team on your talk which they found interesting, humorous and inspiring. It certainly made us step back and consider the part we can all play in driving forward the Company’s goals. I know the teams were thrilled to have you attend the Awards dinner and it was a pleasure to talk to you during the course of the evening.
~ Colgate-Palmolive Pty Ltd

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