Margie Warrell

Find Your Courage. Stop Playing Safe. Brave. Make Your Mark.

The titles of Margie Warrell’s bestselling books reflect her passion for helping people make braver decisions and lead bigger lives.

Margie draws on her background in Fortune 500 business coaching and psychology to equip people with the mindset and strategies to lead themselves and others to achieve stronger outcomes. Her diverse client list includes NASA, Accenture, Deloitte, British Telecom, Johnson & Johnson, Australian Institute of Sport, Facebook, Mars, Shell Oil, Microsoft, Oracle, and the United Nations Foundation.

Margie’s insights have also been shaped by her work and interviews with leaders and luminaries such as Sir Richard Branson, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard and hotelier Bill Marriott.

An acclaimed keynote speaker and guest lecturer at Columbia and Georgetown Universities, Margie is a sought after commentator with leading media including the Wall Street Journal, Sky News, CNN, Fox News, Today Show, Al Jazeera. Her Forbes ‘Courage Works’ column has been read by millions. She was named as one of The Top 100 Women To Watch in the USA in 2010.

In 2015, Margie was appointed Australia’s first Ambassador for Women in Global Business and made a Women’s Economic Forum honouree.

When she’s not empowering stronger leadership around the world, she is juggling (and occasionally dropping) the many balls of raising four teenage children (her proudest achievement) and enjoys planning adventures with them and her husband Andrew, most recently summiting Mt Kilimanjaro.



Great leaders embrace uncertainty and lean toward risk to win competitive edge. Learn strategies to make better decisions faster, create bolder employees and cultivate the ‘culture of courage’ needed for innovation to thrive, potential to flourish and people to excel.


Organisations which can adapt fastest to change are those who will seize competitive edge that others miss. Lear how to help employees develop the resilient mind-set required to thrive under pressure, leverage stress for stronger performance and be decisive amid uncertainty in an increasingly competitive and accelerated world.


Conversations are the currency of influence yet we often speak in ways that . Learn how to master courageous conversations to build trust, move from conflict to collaboration and produce stronger outcomes for all stakeholders


People who are inspired by a sense of purpose are more engaged employees, stronger leaders, braver communicators and more resilient in adversity. Rally your organisation around a compelling “Why” to tap the power of purpose, unlock individual and collective potential, and harness the full quota of ingenuity, creativity and passion within your organisation that is increasingly crucial for long term success


Unlock the full force of feminine leadership to develop higher performing teams that make smarter decisions and produce stronger outcomes that harness the true power of diversity.


Equip the next generation of leaders with the resilience and ‘risk ready’ mind-set needed to adapt to a world we cannot yet see and become purpose driven global citizens capable of finding opportunity within adversity and leveraging their unique strengths to be ‘agents of change’ in their community, workplace and the world.


I first engaged Margie as a keynote speaker for an Asia Pacific women’s leadership’ event in China. From the moment we met, I was a huge fan – her ideas, perspective and ability to deliver thought-provoking and empowering sessions for leaders of all levels from diverse backgrounds is impressive. I’ve since engaged Margie for many leadership events, always with incredible feedback.
~ Edweena Stratton, VP Employee Success,  

Attendees at our annual conference loved Margie so much they gave her a standing ovation. She was absolutely excellent.
~ Lisa Nguyen, Operations Director, American Psychiatric Nurses Association 

Our best speaker ever! Every bit worthy of the standing ovation she received.
~ Ross Stange, Director, People and Culture, Sage Micropay 

Margie sets herself apart with a powerful and inspiring message. She helped me craft my own vision for a forward leaning workplace. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.
~ Kathy Calvin, CEO & President, United Nations Foundation

Engaging, inspiring, and a delight to work with, Margie’s call to courageous action was a perfect fit for our employees. A true gem!
~ Alissa Janey, Best Buy

Margie’s interactive style and sharp humour paired with her powerful insights helped our attendees at our annual conference see the world new a whole new lens. We received nothing but outstanding feedback. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
~ Leslie G. Sarasin, CEO, Food Marketing Institute

Margie left the leaders are our national conference re-energized, refocused and emboldened to build a bigger and better business.
~ Georgia Bartholomew, HR Lead, Body Shop

Margie is a master and her ability to engage, empower and affect positive change is outstanding. Her visit to Marriot Headquarters, where she gave a keynote, ran a workshop with my team and interviewed Mr Marriott at a town hall gathering was outstanding.
~ Keri Day, Chief Audit Officer, Marriott International


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