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Dr. Max Mckeown is the best-selling author of The Strategy Book, The Innovation Book & Adaptability is an expert in strategy, leadership, innovation and how to create a better future. He is a renowned strategist and leadership coach for some of the most successful global corporations and brands. He is also a sought-after keynote speaker and a social scientist with an MBA and PhD from Warwick Business School, a member of the British Psychological Society and a fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts.


Is Your Customer Experience Hot Or Not?: Lessons About  Customers From The World’s Best Companies!
Customers are just like us. And at the moment, many of them are depressed, a little worried about the future, concerned about money even if they have just as much as they did last week, month, or year! They want to be coaxed out of their depression. They want to be made to smile. To enjoy good times. We all do! Tough times make it harder to spend hard earned cash. Tough times mean that customers want VALUE. You need to know how to attract customers by understanding what they really, really want. And once you have them, you need to know what to deliver to keep them coming back for more. It’s not enough to satisfy them, or to please them, or to avoid a complaint. In fact, companies that know how (or learn to) deliver fantastic, memorable, jaw-dropping value will do even better in a recession than during a boom because customers think more  carefully about when and how to spend their money. Max will share lessons from the world’s best customer experiences and show how they can be applied in little (and big) ways to your business right now.

Innovate Your Way Out Of Recession: Lessons On How To Thrive From The World’s Most Innovative Companies
It’s tempting to stop doing new things in a recession. But what if the old things, the old products, the old methods, aren’t working anymore? Sometimes its riskier to do nothing than to try something new. Experience and research tells us that eventually many old ideas run out of steam and that there comes a time when innovation is the best thing to do, even when money is tight and everyone is scared. Recessions can make change necessary. But that doesn’t mean that all ideas are good ideas! How do you know whether an idea is bad or good? And how do you move from an idea in your head to an product that really works for your customers?

A Crisis Is A Terrible Thing To Waste: Leadership Lessons (For Tough Times!)
How to make the most of a crisis and inspiring yourself, and your people in tough times! The fundamentals of leadership are never more important than when faced with falling revenues, deteriorating margins, fickle customers, unreasonable investors, and uncertainty. There are really difficult choices to make, and even harder decisions to implement. To find the buzz, the direction, and the self-belief that  people  need. Max will share the experiences of some of the world’s biggest (and best) companies such as IBM, Disney, Virgin, Nintendo, Ikea, Apple and Google and highlight good and bad ideas so that you avoid the worst and learn from the best.

Make the easy but difficult, simple and profitable.
Learn the difference between mediocre and memorable. Look at what you deliver through the eyes of customers. Understand how new technology can transform service excellence. Learn how to help employees to build service relationships. Discover what the best companies in the world are doing. Find out how to create experiences that build instant loyalty.


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