Mick Dawson

In 2009 Mick Dawson skippered the first and only rowing boat too successfully cross the North Pacific Ocean; from Choshi in Japan to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. A truly unique and epic voyage of almost 7,000 miles which took him and his rowing partner Chris Martin 189 days 10 hours and 55 minutes to complete. Rowing a gruelling schedule of two hours on two hours off around the clock for six and a half months unsupported, the two men fought their way through everything the greatest ocean on the planet could throw at them.

Mick a former Royal Marine Commando and veteran of the Falklands war spent ten years trying to achieve his goal of completing one of the worlds, ‘Last great firsts’ during which time he also rowed the Atlantic ocean twice and attempted two solo crossing of the North Pacific.

Mick’s presentations are thrilling, compelling and utterly unique covering all aspects of his incredible adventures on both the Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans. He tailors each presentation to the specific requirements of his client and their audience.

The story of the 2009 crossing of the North Pacific was broadcast on Discovery Channel in the program; ‘Rowing the Pacific.’

Mick and Chris’s efforts were recognised by the Guinness Book of Records in 2010.


The Last Great First: Rowing the North Pacific!

The incredible story of the first and only successful ‘rowed’ crossing of the mighty North Pacific Ocean from Choshi in Japan to The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. A voyage of almost 7,000 miles across the most hostile route of the greatest ocean on the globe. An amazing feat successfully completed by two friends; Mick Dawson and Chris Martin in their 7 metre rowing boat ‘Bojangles’ in 2009. A truly epic and unique voyage which took 189 days, 10 hours and 55 minutes to complete, rowing a grueling schedule of two hours on two hours off for six and a half months before finishing beneath the iconic span of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Sinking and alone in the North Pacific

The Dramatic story of Mick Dawson’s solo attempt in 2004 to become the first person to row across the North Pacific Ocean into San Francisco. After 109 days at sea and making fantastic progress towards his goal of arriving beneath the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, disaster struck. With 4,500 miles of the route successfully completed Mick suddenly found himself trapped, alone and sinking inside his rowing boat 1,500 miles from the Coast of the United States after a freak capsize. Learn of the epic voyage that preceded this dramatic turn of events, the incredible interaction with the wildlife that populates this little known stretch of ocean, the relentless physical and mental challenges of rowing a boat alone around the clock for months on end and the desperate fight for life that marked the end of this incredible journey.

Rowing The Atlantic Ocean

The story of how two brothers, both former Royal Marine Commandos, decided to build their own boat and take part in one of the first ‘ocean rowing races’ across the Atlantic Ocean in 2001. A quite incredible voyage of almost 3,000 miles which had Mick and his brother Steve rowing around the clock two hours on two hours off whilst having to deal with everything the Atlantic Ocean could throw at them. Departing from Tenerife in the Canary Islands, seventy ‘life changing’ days later they arrived successfully at their destination of Barbados in the Caribbean. This presentation gives a unique, detailed, humorous but very personal insight into what those seventy days were like.

Rowing The Atlantic Ocean….. By mistake!

The incredible story of how Mick Dawson an experienced Sailor and Ocean Rower, rescued a pair of Ocean Rowers attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean in 2005 and then agreed to replace one of the team members. Forty eight hours later he set off to row across the Atlantic Ocean for a second time with a complete stranger. A phenomenal and unique sixty day, three thousand mile voyage followed, in a year that would bring the most hostile weather conditions the Atlantic route had seen in a hundred years. An epic story of how two strangers grew to be brothers in the face of incredible adversity as they fought one stroke at a time to cross an unforgiving Atlantic Ocean.

How To Row The North Pacific Ocean (Minimum 45 minutes)

This brings together all of Mick’s ocean rowing adventures in one presentation and details the incredible journey he had towards the unique success of the ‘First and only’ Rowed crossing of the North Pacific from Choshi in Japan to The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It encompasses the many dramatic highs and lows of previous rows both on the Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans and demonstrates how even the most shattering of setbacks can be transformed into the greatest of achievements. In a very personal, humorous and down to earth manner Mick shows how ordinary people can achieve quite extra ordinary success.


I have seen and listened to many keynote speakers during my years in the exhibition business: Mick was absolutely one of the few very best. I wish him the utmost success for his next ventures and hope to see him again soon.
~ Bernd Aufderheide, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung

…I was even happier when the presentation of Mick during our opening ceremony turned out to be the success I hoped for. Many of our exhibitors came to congratulate me for one of the best opening ceremonies ever, mostly due to Mick’s great presentation. Vielen Dank lieber Mick!.
~ Claus Ulrich Selbach, Unit Director for SMM Hamburg

Your presentation at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park was outstanding. For anyone with an appetite for adventure, your voyage across the Pacific, powered only by your own strength and determination at the oars, represents the pinnacle of what it means to reach for a dream. Your account of this epic journey reminds us just how beautiful and fragile are the oceans that connect us all.
~ Howard Levitt, Acting Superintendent San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

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