Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a leading authority on sales optimisation. Organisations hire Mike to take a deep dive into the their revenue strategy and sales execution, align their sales leadership and impact profit.

As a dextrous public speaker, audiences are guaranteed to be entertained and enlightened. Highly motivational, at times confronting and habitually humorous. It’s a surefire injection of sales mastery, contagious energy and business smarts at your next event.

Author of “The Intrepid CEO; How Bold Leaders Future-Profit Sales & Drive Profit” and advisor to CEOs and business leaders; his speciality lies in optimising the structure and operation of sales departments and ensuring execution capability is imbedded at all levels of the sales function.

Called ‘The Fixer’ by his clients for his ability to fix complex sales issues and having lead and advised sales teams to record revenues during the worst economic downturn, his skillset allows him to equip sales organisations with resilient, recession proof sales performance.

His focus is on redefining how businesses and senior leadership teams can bridge the “capability gap” of their people; and enable them to sell their products, services and ideas in today’s complex selling environment.

He is the Managing Director of M.A. Consulting Group headquartered in Asia and working globally.



“Seeing around corners” is highly interactive session where Mike gives you an inside look at client case studies and the chance to test your business smarts as you diagnose future business risks.

Designed to introduce ‘predictive problem solving’; a skill that modern CEOs demand from their sales leadership.

Suitable for leadership teams, sales/revenue teams and executive groups.

Learning Points:

  • The three types of managers
  • The Intervention Framework; simple to learn, easy to use and with powerful impact
  • The two problem chunks
  • How to transform your management team from reactive “fire fighters” into proactive forward thinkers and action takers!


What does it take to be a truly inspirational sales leader?

Mike believes it takes a lot more than a good grasp of numbers, strategy and operations.

Mike introduces some key concepts around high performance sales leadership and creating a champion sales culture.

Confronting and humorous, a great keynote for leadership teams

Learning Points:

  • The difference between leaders and managers
  • Creating a champion culture
  • The leadership challenge
  • Why leadership is becoming more important as technology advances


…the more work I do with Mike, the more impressed I get. Mike is in a class of his own when it comes to knowledge about revenue optimisation and sales. His abundance of knowledge and experience is mind blowing but what really sets him apart is the way he manages to convey the information in an energetic, powerful but yet easy to understand way
~Jesper Hansson, CEO, Core Pricing

He is a very dynamic speaker with the ability to engage and thought-provoke. Never a dull moment, Mike leaves the room buzzing with energy and excitement!
~ Ann Liu, Senior Conference Producer, IQPC Worldwide

He possesses a great blend of passion, enthusiasm and expertise in whatever context he is speaking. He is able to not only engage the audience, but also challenges them to think about things differently and find common solutions in the group. He brings a special kind of energy to any conference.
~ Peter Plaisance, Cmmercial Director, L’Oreal.

Mike is a “go getter” who makes good things happen. He takes ideas into action and manages the process all the way to ensure a world class result. His passion for new ideas and commitment to share ideas with others makes him a great creator and contributor of value in our world.
~ Ron Kaufman, Founder, UP! Your Service

Had an absolute ball Mike. Your did an awesome job with the microphone…had us in stitches…perfectly compered by the awesome Mike Adams!
~ Peter Oh, Director of Finance, Fonterra Brands

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