Mike Anthony

Mike Anthony is the author of “The Shopper Marketing Revolution” and a highly experienced speaker, having presented at hundreds of events, seminars and workshops.

He has worked in marketing and sales for almost thirty years, firstly as a practitioner with global leaders such as United Biscuits, Nabisco and Mattel – then as a consultant and trainer – working with global leading companies such as Unilever, Coca Cola, Sony and Glaxo Smithkline among many others.

He started his my career in Europe in sales for United Biscuits, then worked in marketing before moving into International Sales and Marketing, managing markets in Africa and Eastern Europe.

Mike moved to Asia in 1997 as Marketing Director for China, building a new brand portfolio and founding Trade Marketing. He then worked for Nabisco as Marketing Director (after they acquired UB), then moved to Mattel inc. as Sales and Marketing Director for Asia.

Since 2003 he has consulted and trained in the consumer goods industry, and founded engage Limited in 2005. In that role he has the privilege of working with some of the world’s biggest consumer goods companies and retailers, including 7-11, Unielver, Nestle, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Sony, Electrolux, Grupo Bimbo, and many others.

In 2015 he published the best-selling book; “The Shopper Marketing Revolution” which outlines our ways of working, now employed by so many companies globally. The book is about so much more than Shopper Marketing – and tackles how consumer goods companies and retailers need to work differently with consumers, shoppers and each other to be truly successful in the 21st Century.


How e-commerce is changing everything in marketing

Many commentators are talking about e-commerce but few are considering the real impact on marketing. E-commerce affects your on and offline business, causing brands to lose distribution, profit and to even die completely. In this presentation I share the key trends in the global retail market, the implications for brands, and key actions brands must take to survive and thrive.

Retail disruption – e-commerce changes ALL of your sales models

Retail is changing – and it is more than just e-commerce. Changes in retail drive changes in shopper behavior, and vice versa. Businesses that don’t put the shopper at the heart of their model will fail.  In this presentation I share the key trends in the global retail market, the implications for brands, and key actions brands must take to survive and thrive.

How technology is changing retail and shopping

A look at the main technology trends in shopping and retail and the impact that has on shopper behavior, manufacturers and retailers – and what businesses should do about it.

Shopper Insights For Growth

Most organizations don’t understand shoppers well enough, and that drives costs and means that opportunities are missed. In this presentation I discuss the difference between consumers and shoppers, why this is important, and how leading organizations are using shopper insights to drive massive growth.


Mike ran a full day workshop at our recent Global Marketing Conference. He was engaging and informative; flexible and energetic. The audience was very diverse, but Mike pitched it perfectly. He is clearly an expert in marketing and shopper marketing – he introduced a lot of new concepts but made it really easy for everyone to absorb regardless of their background. We’ve already invited Mike back for next year!
~ David Lind, VP Marketing, International Beverage

Mike presented a full day’s conference plus deliver back-to-back workshops: his enthusiasm and dynamic energy remained at a consistently high infectious tempo. Mike was an inspiration and our customers who had truly appreciated his professionalism and expertise in the field of Shopper Marketing
~ Cass Le, Marketing Director Tetra Pak

Mike is a passionate speaker with good sense of humor and strong track-record in brand and shopper marketing
~ Head of Business Intelligence & Strategic Planning, Carlsberg

Mike recently chaired the Connected Marketing Summit, held in Melbourne on 22 April 2015. The event was quite large being co-located with 11 other similar conferences, and for myself as the producer it was nothing short of a blessing to have someone as hands-on with the topic, flexible and forthcoming to chair the conference. As an expert thought leader in the retail environment, Mike went beyond the usual drill that was expected of a chairperson. He actively participated in all the pre-event marketing buzz, engaging 100s of attendees around a core vision, addressing critical industry issues while also adding a much-needed dash of humor and facilitating some very active panel discussions on customer loyalty and insights. I’d gladly welcome the opportunity to work with Mike again!
~ Devika Adlakha, Digital Event Organizer, Criterion Conferences

Excellence performance taking advantage of his shopper Marketing knowledge and his deep channel understanding
~ Jorge Espuny, Global Sales Director, Grupo Bimbo

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