Mukul Deva

Mukul Deva is a renowned global speaker and thought leader.

He has been heralded in the media as being ‘The God of all things’, and ‘The Change Maker.’

Mukul helms international conferences and has inspired thousands with his revolutionary yet extremely practical & positive view of life. What truly drives Mukul is his passion for helping others live up to their potential.

A Mentor with the United Nations Institute of Training & Research, and an Associate Coach with the Singapore Civil Service College, Mukul has empowered CEOs, top government officials, and managers across diverse industries, countries & cultures to achieve transformational results.

A certified coach from Henley Business School, University of Reading (U.K.), Mukul is a sought after executive coach for director and C-level leaders. He is a mentor with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, contributing towards capacity building at the government level in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mukul is a successful serial entrepreneur. His first company MSD Security Pvt Ltd, employs over a thousand people deployed in 70 Indian cities.

Then Mukul co-founded his second company, Influence Solutions, a leading learning and development organisation, headquartered in Singapore with offices in India, USA, Europe and Africa.

A critically acclaimed international-best-selling author, Mukul’s 16 published books, fiction and non-fiction, in five different genres, have been applauded the world over.


Influential / Transformational Leadership
Leading in the Digital Era / Leading in Times of Disruption

Digitalisation and disruption has impacted every industry and profession.

Innovative technologies and digital platforms present tremendous opportunities in boosting engagement, productivity and profitability. They also create a compelling need for constant up-skilling, re-skilling and doing things differently.

In this hyper competitive and constantly evolving landscape, leaders are under increasing pressure to disrupt or be disrupted. They need to always stay ahead of the curve.  Not only do they have to embrace the opportunity these circumstances provide, they have to help their teams to do so too.

Consequently, one of their key roles is to steer the organization away from the risks of not adapting change and in removing the confusion in implementing changes.

This powerful, keynote presents the audience with the clarity and confidence to transform themselves, their people and their organisations in this digital era.

Make Success A Habit

Based on Mukul Deva’s path-breaking book Make Success A Habit , this keynote helps people adopt radically new and simpler ways of thinking and behaving, such that they are able to achieve a quantum leap in results.

You will gain insights into your default mode of thinking, and learn how to shift your perspective. You will be amazed how a small shift in thinking can lead to big results. Make Success A Habit can be applied to all areas in life and work. Its universal application allows you to transform your personal performance as well as that of the team you lead.

Delivered through the fine art of story-telling by international best-selling author, successful entrepreneur and sought-after executive coach, Mukul Deva, this inspiring, empowering and soul-searching seminar will reveal simple yet powerful actionable realizations that will inspire success and happiness. In this thought-provoking seminar you’ll gain insights and strategies for making major positive changes in the most important areas of your life.  

Follow The Shade

Modern life tends to be complex, fast paced and rapidly evolving. Very often in this hustle-bustle we get over-stretched mentally and over-whelmed physically.

Often there is a tendency to seek complex solutions or a magic solution; a ‘silver bullet.’ It is easy to forget that our minds were designed to problem solve, and that by nature we are adaptable and resilient.

This highly engaging and interactive talk shares the stories of people and incidents, like the kind we all meet every day, and shows us how we can achieve so much more by simply taking the simplest and easiest way forward; ie. by following the shade.

Told in his inimitable, humorous and inspiring manner by Mukul Deva, internationally bestselling writer and raconteur par excellence, the talk ensures participants not only walk out feeling motivated and inspired, but also have concrete actions they can take to achieve more with less effort.

The Breakthrough Leader / Thinker

Based on Mukul Deva’s book F.C.U.K. Your Way To Success this highly experiential and proprietary keynote empowers participants to revert to their original way of thinking, which helps to simplify things and enables them to spot the opportunity that lies in every situation.

This solutions-focused way of thinking enables people to break out of the shackles of possibilities and function in the more empowering and energizing world of desirability. This not only helps them to reduce their effort, but also enables them to seize opportunities and achieve more results.

Breakthrough thinking achieves this by leveraging the most common currency of all interactions – conversation.

Delivered through the fine art of storytelling, this inspiring and keynote helps leaders to transform the performance of employees and achieve outstanding business results. It boosts employee engagement, productivity and performance. Participants will gain simple yet powerful solutions to real challenges.

Thousands of leaders from international corporations and established local companies such as Unilever, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, MediaCorp, Life Technologies, MSD Pharma, Scientec Consulting and Great Eastern Life Insurance have achieved breakthrough results from this simple, yet transformational program


Mukul is an astute observer; versatile and gifted in the ways he provokes and simultaneously registers obvious as well as subtle responses/reactions. Given his intellectual depth, it is a pleasure being challenged by him and then exploring with his assistance fresh nuances: identifying blind spots and attempt ridding them. He is very supportive. Thanks to Mukul’s win-win approach, you come out a winner.
~ Praveen Gupta, Managing Director & CEO (Raheja QBE General Insurance Company Ltd.)

Mukul is one of the best speakers I have ever experienced. I learnt how to have empowering and inspiring conversations.
~ Shin Jong Weon, General Manager( Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Korea)

Perfect 10! I learnt how to let my team see the problem, come up with the solution and be accountable. The result is that they grow as leaders. I strongly recommend this session to be extended to our next in-line people managers
~ Doreen Neo, Chief Content Officer ( Mediacorp)

Mukul is excellent and thought provoking.
~ Dr Chandra Segaran, Senior Vice President (Transit Link)

He can dissect people with pinpoint accuracy. His clear-mindedness is his greatest distinction and makes me ‘sit-up when he speaks. Definitely an excellent leader, coach and mentor.
~ Jacqueline Lau, Vice President, Customer Experience Management (Prudential Assurance Co Ltd)

I learnt how to widen my observer; keep it simple, visible and actionable and most of all, to break down problems. Mukul is humorous, incisive and a very insightful coach and storyteller in driving home key takeaways.
~ Poon Mei Yee, Senior Manager (SAP Asia Pte Ltd)

Mukul has the magic to reach everyone, regardless of their personal or professional background. It feels so good knowing that we have learned something new.
~ Monica Portillo,
 Manager (New Zealand Chamber of Commerce)

Mukul brought a depth of experience and insight to a number of training activities here at the United Nations Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR). Over the years we have engaged with him, Mukul quickly formed deep mentoring relationships with a number of representatives from post-conflict countries, most notably Afghanistan. He worked diligently to guide individuals & teams in the development of targeted project documents which comprehensively addressed areas of identified need.

In addition, his training modules on leadership &communication -consistently of excellent instructional design – were well received by senior government officials of a number of countries, as well as representatives of the United Nations.
~ Berin McKenzie, Senior Specialist/ATD Master Trainer/Instructional Designer (United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR))

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