Peter Baines

Spent 22 years with the NSW Police in Australia leading teams into various international disaster and crisis situations.  These international deployments included Bali after the bombings in 2002, the Thailand Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, Saudi Arabia in 2010 following floods in Jeddah and Japan in 2011, after the earthquake and tsunami.  As the leader of Australian and international teams I developed strong leadership skills and messages that have proved much in demand on the speaking circuit.

The key messages of the keynotes are delivered at a contextual level, allowing the audience to identify and relate to the challenges – yet the stories are so different to their lives that they find deep interest and intrigue in the challenges and outcomes our team faced and then achieved.

I have received numerous acknowledgements including Nomination for Australian of the Year, Humanitarian Overseas medal and other national awards conferred upon me by the Australian Government.

During my deployment into Thailand I met a group of 32 children all of whom had lost their homes and their parents to the tsunami.  At the time of meeting them they were living in a tent.  I then formed a charity “Hands Across the Water” to raise money and bring attention to the needs of the children.  The charity has grown to support seven different projects across Thailand, including a HIV orphanage and homes for girls previously trafficked in the sex industry.  We have raised over $8 million AUD since inception and never have we spent a cent of donors money on administration or fundraising.


Leadership matters – this is a keynote that takes audiences on a journey through the various crisis areas in which I have worked and presents them with the challenges we faced and gives them an insight into how the challenges were met.  During this keynote the audience hears how to; lead without positional authority; to build strong teams – fast; the importance of having a clarity of purpose; making decisions; leading with courage; and how to focus on results and not excuses.

Experiences matter – is a relatively new keynote launched in early 2013 which looks at the success of Hands and why we have grown in the manner that we have in such a competitive industry.  I highlight the importance of leaders engineering shared experiences if they want to build engagement.  I look at the four stage model to get results by creating experiences, that leads to engagement, commitment and then results.

Corporate Social Responsibility workshop/program – this is usually on the back end of work that I have started with socially aware clients who are looking to bring meaningful change and awareness to their CSR strategies.

Operation Delta  – a simulation program that is run on the back of a keynote that gives the audience members the chance to test their leadership skills in a small team environment.

Conference experience – the chance for delegates to engage in some real “hands on” activities during their conference program.  Normally led in Thailand, I take the delegates into one of the programs that we are running and they bring about real change to a centre for the kids that Hands supports.


I had the pleasure of hearing Peter speak for the second time last week at our conference. Peter is such an inspiration. I like that he doesn’t sugar coat anything, he is brutally honest yet so compassionate at the same time. If the silence in the room of around 150 people is anything to go by, I know I’m not the only one in my group who is deeply affected by hearing this man share his story. Thank you Peter, keep up the amazing work.
~ Amy, ANZ

Peter I had the privilege of hearing you speak at the Managers Forum in Brisbane last week. The obvious compassion you brought to an incredibly confronting and emotional theme struck a deep chord. Your story of how a parent would feel in the moments leading up to the tsunami left me in tears as I am sure it would for any parent of young children. The very powerful emotional themes served to emphasise the key messages I extracted from your presnetation in terms of taking time to examine why I really get out of bed – and ultimately to recognise that there is only one go at this thing called life and to take today as the first day of that new adventure. Once again I would like to acknowledge the very deep impact your presentation had – I feel like I have woken with a new zest for the journey.

Thank you for the presentation you gave at our offsite. Peter -you really made an impact on the audience including our General Manager. You gave them lots of food for thought and tied each of your incredible stories to a tangible insight/ action for attendees to consider. It also put everyone in a good mindspace for the “reflection” section that followed the break.
~ Westpac Group

Peter Baines was amazingly inspirational. Thank you for the opportunity to be in the room. How could you not want to go out and make a world a better place after that!
~ Institute of Chartered Accountants, Perth


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