Peter Brandl

Peter Brandl, professional pilot and flight instructor, communication expert and keynote speaker shows what you can learn from pilots to steer your business or your life successfully.

  • Take over responsibility instead of blaming others
  • Focus on the solutions instead of on the difficulties
  • Make decisions instead of putting things off
  • Motivate to take action, avoid tensions

With 3000 presentations in German and English over the last 20 years in 14 countries on 3 continents he is one of the most successful, sought-after keynote speakers in Germany. His strategies are surprising and easy to put into practice right away.


Hudson River
The art of making tough decisions. What do you need to do to live the life you want to live? What do you need to do to achieve your goals? And why do things go wrong so many times? Transfer the strategies of professional pilots to your projects and your life. Find out how you can get the most out of your engine power!

Communication at Maximum Flight Level

Why do we often fail to achieve what we want to? Why don’t we assert ourselves sometimes? And why are there so many misunderstandings? Discover the fascinating parallels between professional aviation and business life. Communicate better, lead your team more efficiently and avoid conflicts.

Hurricane Management

What knowledge does the employee of tomorrow bring with them to a company? How can the management make use of this? Gain culture or guilt finder radar? How we should handle mistakes in the 21st century and what you can do to make your team a “learning organisation”.


Brandl is author of four books. His bestseller “Crash Communication – Management Techniques from the Cockpit to Maximize Performance” is now published in English by Morgan James Publishing in New York. His German book ” Hudson River:  The Art of Marking Tough Decisions” ranked no. 2 of Germany’s best career books 2013.

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