Ron Vining

CEO of the IoT content marketing agency BrandInflux and Adjunct Professor of Internet Marketing at The University of Massachusetts

Ron Vining prepares the leaders, innovators and corporations of tomorrow, today. Everything about marketing has changed; the audience, the channel, the message and even the marketing role itself. The dynamic mediascape has shifted a marketer’s one-time reliance on the five Ps – product, price, place, promotion and people as the means to reach customers to the five Ds – digital, disruption, devices, distribution and data. The result of this shift in media has also changed not only the CMO’s role within the business structure, but the entire C-suite. As the future of business progresses, traditional silos and skills have become increasingly dated. New challenges around customer engagement and consumer loyalty now see a greater emphasis on technology and thus, the need for the CMO role to become more closely aligned with that of the CIO and for the entire realignment of the C-suite.

What skills and structure then, must the future organization possess in order to succeed in the face of the ever-evolving consumer, marketplace and technology? To take full advantage of the limitless opportunities that abound in today’s dynamic mediascape, they must first be grounded in the tried and true fundamentals, then seek to become the chief visionary, technologist, operative and storyteller for their business.

As a creative, tech-savvy and visionary C-level advisor to over 25 of the top 100 iconic brands, Ron Vining extracts his experience and infuses it into the bespoke content of his keynote speeches and masterclass trainings. This unique approach, offers corporate audiences compelling insights and distinctive best practice examples as he guides executives on the path to become visionary, technologist, operative and storytelling leaders within their organizations to drive innovation across their industry.

Ron delivers an influx of innovative B2B2C brand experiences to millions of users by fostering brand and customer engagement strategies between enterprise and their consumers via Omni-channel platforms including immersive mobile ecosystems, themed physical environments, social buzz, interactive storytelling, product placements, licensing opportunities, enhancement programs, loyalty, go-to-market strategies, channel partner planning and sales enablement tools.

A Singapore Permanent Resident from Boston, Massachusetts, Ron’s global experience spans technology, entertainment and retail to hospitality, financial services and politics on behalf of brands such as Apple, Google, BMW, Disney, American Express, Levi Strauss and The White House, among others. As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Aspire Lifestyles, an International SOS company, he delivered concierge and enhancement services to the ultra high net worth clients of airline, automotive, banking, hospitality and luxury retail brands. Ron led the fourth largest transit system in America, as Deputy General Manager (DGM) of The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). He managed a portfolio of New England area shopping malls as Marketing Director for SR Weiner & Associations. Last year, Ron was the keynote speaker at Food & Hospitality Asia 2014 in Singapore.

With a blend of engaging video examples, unique case studies, impactful slides with proprietary content and his no-holds-barred analysis based on 25 years of experience across Asia, Americas and Europe, Ron has captivated audiences across the globe. Whether on stage at an expo, tradeshow or conference or before an exclusive boardroom discussion, executive roundtable or company offsite strategy session, Ron’s vibrant and charismatic presentation style will engage, guide, transform and inspire audiences to embrace boundless transmedia opportunities and innovations that await those who ride the digital tsunami across the mediascape.


Ron Vining has three core programs, which are continually updated with the latest best practice, case examples and analysis based on his extensive academic research and ongoing corporate advising work. These unique, visionary programs are focused on four future proof areas that will help your talent and organization transform itself to be prepared for what’s next. Each of the three core programs can be custom tailored and localized to suit your customers, your marketplace, your industry and your company. Based on your needs, they can be delivered as either a one hour keynote, extended into a half-day workshop, full-day or multi-day masterclass training with highly interactive exercises. 

THE MODERN MARKETER – Visionary, Technologist, Operative & Storyteller


Based upon Ron’s extensive marketing experience in senior positions across diverse industries, he is committed to advancing the CMO role in the wake of digital disruption. As the future of business progresses, the traditional marketing skill set has become increasingly dated. New challenges around customer engagement and consumer loyalty now see a greater emphasis on technology and thus, the need for the CMO role to become more closely aligned with that of the CIO. To match the rate of change, organizations must evolve as marketing outspends technology in the race to engage both employee and customer. The CMO role within the business structure requires their gaining a true seat at the table within the organization, strategic input, budget authority and the ability to speak for the organization.

In this session, Ron shares how the audience can be:


  • How The Visionary Marketer surveys the landscape, understands the audience and sorts out what creative concepts resonate with them.
  • How The Visionary Marketer is cross-functional, sitting across advertising, branding, corporate communications, public relations and sales – business units that were once in silo, must now be unified.
  • How The Visionary Marketer takes the lead in generating compelling content that fits the local market landscape and appeals to a social, mobile and global audience.


  • How The Technologist Marketer pairs Big Data to the right platform and mobile device to capture customer data and foster engagement once unheard of.
  • How The Technologist Marketer breaks down the silos that once divided marketing and technology to unite them in preparation for the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • How The Technologist Marketer innovates by creating unique synergies that have yet to be employed with an eye on the future to drive organizational modernization.


  • How The Operative Marketer gains autonomy from being seen as a support function to having a full seat at the table with influence on the executive, financial and operations suite.
  • How The Operative Marketer has a clear vision, a sound strategy to execute it, the leadership to rally stakeholders and then the authority to implement that strategy.
  • How The Operative Marketer navigates the organization, exhibits leadership, inspires change, fosters consensus and drives disruption to deliver results.


  • The Storytelling Marketer wraps compelling content, engaging platforms and disruptive strategies around a meaningful brand influx of narratives to attract, engage, convert and retain distracted consumers.
  • The Storytelling Marketer champions brand narratives, seeking natural storytellers as internal brand ambassadors and external advocates in the form of mascots, employees or customers who will serve as a brand voice for the organization.
  • The Storytelling Marketer recognizes the importance of having a C-level spokesperson as the vehicle to deliver the company’s brand narratives by providing the audience with a face to identify with across transmedia channels.

While the focus is on the marketing function, the entire C-suite can greatly benefit from this discussion, as these four skills are essential for the future success of a modern corporation.

THE HYPER CONNECTED CONSUMER – Digital, Social & Mobile Engagement


Based upon Ron’s extensive marketing experience in senior positions across diverse industries, he is committed to transforming traditional marketing engagement into hybrid Omni-channel programs that fully engage hyper connected consumers. As tablets, smartphones and wearables have significant influence on buyers’ decisions along the path to purchase, they have become the key channel to enable mobile attraction, engagement, conversation and loyalty. Effectively marketing on mobile has become the indispensable element in an integrated Omni-channel marketing communications campaign and the must-have strategy for reaching cross-demographic consumers, including millennials.

In this session, Ron shares how corporations can:

  • Discover how mobile enables 24/7/365 brand engagement
  • Understand mobile marketing nuances over other channels
  • Curate social-mobile content, images, video and games to fully engage consumers
  • Explore how seamless search on mobile devices, paired with WiFi, iBeacons and eWallets can amplify customer engagement and increase sales
  • Learn how to effectively use mobile responsive sites, Web-based vs. dedicated Apps
  • Develop best practices around mobile Website optimization and integration with compelling content, social and traditional media 

This highly engaging, hands-on program will guide participants on how to successfully drive shopper engagement that turns both traditional and digital shoppers into buyers through an enhanced physical, digital and mobile ecosystem that maximizes best in class examples and actionable strategies that will transform proven physical shopper marketing techniques and eCommerce platforms into hybrid social-mobile engagement campaigns and tools.

TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING – Omni-Content Marketing Engagement


Based upon Ron’s extensive marketing experience in senior positions across diverse industries, he is committed to getting brands noticed in the highly crowded mediascape. To do so, companies must integrate and fully embed their marketing with compelling content as part of a powerful storytelling strategy. Participants in this program will discover dynamic ways to amplify the spotlight on their brand, convert elusive and unengaged prospects and social engagement techniques to develop loyal and passionate customers who will willingly share your brand message across digital and traditional media to scale your reach.

In this session, Ron shares how participants can:

  • Explore best practice on how content enhances customer experience and engagement
  • Learn how to create and sustain a brand influx of compelling content to unify your messaging
  • Understand the nuances of content placement in one channel over another
  • Develop an integrated Omni-content marketing program to engage your customers across all channels
  • Utilize content to optimize Search across Websites, Apps, mobile, social and traditional media
  • Capture customers in physical locations by pairing content to mobile engagement marketing
  • Uncover techniques to engage online audience by pairing the right content to the right channel at the right time
  • Discover the secrets of successful companies who use brand storytelling across Omni-channel marketing
  • Unlock the power behind telling transmedia brand stories about your company 

This highly interactive topic has been designed specifically to address the challenges faced by marketing professionals and will provide actionable strategies and takeaways that will show participants how to inject a brand influx of compelling and highly sharable content into their current campaigns, transforming them into a Hollywood blockbuster. By placing participants in a front row seat, they will learn how to create and employ an integrated Omni-channel storytelling program that will take their transmedia marketing to the next level with limited resources while also enhancing the bottom line.


“A very comprehensive session of what I wish to learn about content marketing. The instructor is engaging and case examples are great.”
~ Hung Xiuzhen, Senior Marcom Executive, Pioneer Electronics

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