Roy Horan

Roy Horan is the founder and CEO of Innovea, a company specializing in high performance and well-being for both business and education sectors. He served as an assistant professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design where he focused on creative and higher order thinking as both a teacher and researcher. Roy is a TEDx speaker, is listed in Who’s Who in the World, and published in the Encyclopedia of Creativity and Creativity Research Journal. He formulated the Ocean Model which combines empirical studies of creativity and intelligence with Eastern philosophical concepts on the same. He has conducted electrophysiological studies on the neuropsychological relationship between creativity and meditation and investigated the problem of creativity assessment, for which he developed the Creative Momentum Model, an assessment tool for all forms of creative achievement. Roy was instrumental in the design and development of the School of Design’s MSc in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology and Multimedia Innovation Centre.

Before joining the Multimedia Innovation Centre (1999), Roy spent over twenty years in the creative industries (particularly the motion picture industry) producing and globally distributing both Hong Kong and international commercial films, television series and video products. Roy, a trained martial artist, has worked on many action features and has appeared in both Jacky Chan and Bruce Lee films.

Roy is a long-term practitioner and teacher of meditation, has studied yoga psychology and created/facilitated self-development programs for corporations and the public. He has developed innovative, effective approaches to mindfulness. He offers Smile!, a unique program that reveals the tremendous immediate potential every individual has for entering the flow state and experiencing the full joy of living. The program has been adopted by a top-tier bank in Hong Kong and many C-level executives. Roy created the StressQuest, a powerful instrument which measures the deeper sources of stress and resilience within an individual, providing direction for personal transformation. This tool has shown potential in addressing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He also developed the Aha! Technique, a transformative meditation tool that is easy to learn and requires no sitting, closing eyes or disturbance of daily activities.

Roy trains business people how to quickly enhance their capacity for creativity and innovation. One program, The Creative Leap accelerates the creative process from simple basics to very profitable breakthrough solutions, in two days or less, even in the context of highly complex problems. Furthermore, he has designed and empirically-tested an online instrument, the Integral Psychological Profile, for measuring eight core competencies: leadership, creativity, adaptability, organization, receptivity, exploration, discrimination and communication. The instrument, now being used by Fortune 500 companies in the USA, and business leaders. It has many applications including recruitment, workplace integration, establishing effective training initiatives; defining/refining career paths; measuring compatibility between individuals; and supporting personal development.

On the education front, Roy has designed innovative programs for enhancing the level of creativity within rigid education systems, new learning tools, and iMind, a course on mindfulness-based social emotional competence for all ages and capabilities, including special learning needs and intellectually disabled children. iMind employs a unique education strategy based on optimized brain functioning which quickly provides participants with a fresh, sustainable, and empowering, perspective on themselves and the world. His course Mindful Teaching is dedicated to helping teachers teach more effectively. His favorite saying reflects his message about creativity and life: “As you think, so you become“.


  • Mindfulness and decision-making
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity & innovation
  • Empathy
  • Emotion regulation
  • Various types of meditation, self-enquiry and metacognition etc


“Thank you again for leading such a productive and beneficial experience over the weekend. It is hard for me to give up weekends – but this was worth every minute and in truth didn’t feel like I ‘gave up’ anything. I felt this was an excellent program. While the scope you covered is getting more and more attention in executive programs and medical schools, your approach turns the science into immediate, practical application and benefits…I loved it.” ~ Graham Barkus, Head of Organization Development and Change, Cathay Pacific Airways

“Working in a creative or goal focused environment can bring great stress and creative blockage. Through Roy´s mindfulness techniques, I was able to take control and focus on what needed to be done. The change was radical and I experienced the before and the after… Thank you Roy!!” ~ Alejandro Del Castillo, Industrial Designer at Philips Design

“The IPsP assessment process (and Shannon) really helped my clients eliminate unneeded behaviors and develop needed ones. We don’t always know what does not serve us as leaders and the IPsP helps leaders truly figure out what and even how to adjust oneself for organizational and leadership effectiveness.”~ Brian Trahan, Director, Center of Phenomenological Leadership

“The course Smile was really amazing – it was far beyond a stress management course and incorporated easy to use principles that can dramatically transform one’s life – I feel that this course has helped me slow down, be more heart centered and present focused. I feel strongly that this course can benefit many people from the day to day stresses that are inherent in living in a city such as Hong Kong. Thank you Roy!” ~ Ravi Bhojwani, Senior Vice President, Brilliant Global Ltd.

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