Scott Bales: Mobile Disruption Shaking Up Traditional Business Models

Mobile disruption is shaking up traditional business models, says Scott Bales. From hotels to taxis, every industry is being disrupted.

Scott Bales

Scott Bales is the global leader on Innovation, Design & Mobility in a world gone digital. As Chief Mobile Officer for Moven, the world’s first-ever card-less bank, Scott’s message is one that businesses can’t afford to ignore, mobile is here to stay and it is drastically changing how we interact with our consumers. A former Senior Vice President of Fundamo, a Visa company, Bales is an expert on the state of the financial services industry. In addition to his roles as Business Development Manager for ANZ and the Head of Technology for ANZ subsidiary, WING, Scott has also been Director of Strategy and Partnerships for the African Centre for Mobile Financial Inclusion. Through ten years of international experience in innovation, thought leadership, implementation planning, & strategy, Scott has built a global reputation as a sought after consultant and speaker who communicates unorthodox ideas with passion and charisma.

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