Scott Greenberg

“Internal Mastery, External Results”

Scott Greenberg was a promising NYU graduate film student when he was diagnosed with cancer. Having grown up hearing stories of how his grandparents survived the holocaust, he knew it was now time to apply their lessons to his own fight for survival.

Scott Greenberg SandbagsDuring his chemotherapy and radiation treatments, he kept a journal, noting the attitudes and behaviors of fellow patients. Why did some suffer and others thrive, regardless of their specific diagnosis? Would these same reasons also apply to people’s personal and professional lives? This curiosity would eventually become the basis for thousands of speeches. Scott ultimately beat the disease and went on to run the Los Angeles marathon.

For almost two decades now, Scott has been a full-time motivational speaker specializing in resilience, leadership and peak performance. Clients include Nike, the Young Presidents’ Organization and the U.S. Department of the Interior. While he presents a variety of programs, all of his keynotes and workshops use humor, personal stories and practical content relevant to each group.

Applying his techniques to his own “Edible Arrangements” franchise, Scott’s store is one of the highest grossing Edible Arrangements in California. In 2010, Scott won the “Best Customer Service” award out of 972 franchisees worldwide.

Scott’s passion for providing nuts and bolts advice to audiences is apparent the second he picks up a microphone. Poignant stories, hilarious anecdotes combined with practical, substantive messages always leave crowds buzzing with excitement.


Survival of the Finest:Thriving in Times of Change and Adversity

The phrase “Survival of the Fittest” doesn’t refer to those who are the strongest, but to those most adaptable to change. During this program, Scott will outline critical survival skills that will enable your group members to thrive in any environment. This enjoyable, content-rich program will help your group overcome self-doubt and more readily adapt to change. They’ll find greater humor, enjoyment and meaning in their profession, and deepen their gratitude, no matter the circumstances. This highly motivational program is filled with humor, stories and strategies. Available as a keynote or extended workshop.

Cut Loose Your Sandbags:How to Overcome Mental Hang-Ups and Maximize Performance

Imagine what you would accomplish if you could be your most powerful self, free of mental hang-ups. Unfortunately, we are our own biggest obstacle. We burden ourselves with insecurity, fear and negative self-talk. Rarely do we experience our true magnificence. During this interactive program, Scott will review our most common self-imposed sandbags and provide techniques for cutting them loose. He will also share nuts and bolts methods for maximizing one’s personal and professional performance, and for coaching employees to do the same.

Leading Like Michelangelo:
How to Sculpt Your Organization Into a Working Masterpiece

Sculptors don’t create their art as much as they chip away at everything that hides it. To bring out the best in your organization, leaders must free them of insecurity, self-doubt and the bad habits that inhibit their potential. Scott will identify the most common blocks that hold people back and show your leaders how to free employees of these self-defeating behaviors so they can live and perform at a higher level.

Service 360: Creating A Culture of Customer Service

In a competitive environment, great customer service is the most important and most controllable means to distinguish your business. Your ability to quickly connect to customers and cultivate relationships is crucial. That means creating an entire culture of service, where group members not only serve paying clients, but colleagues, vendors and anyone with whom they have professional contact.

In this entertaining, informative program, Scott Greenberg will discuss “servant leadership” and show you how to create a culture of service that benefits customers, vendors and employees alike. Scott will help your group members find more meaning in their work and pride in themselves in their contributions to others. He’ll explain how to create “connection points” to make each contact a unique, pleasant experience for customers and employees. He will also teach your group members to self-motivate, and become conscientious of issues that may be inhibiting their best performance.


“The response was phenomenal! Scott was both entertaining and informational… In a post conference survey, Scott received the highest rating of the day, a 5 rating out of 5.”
– Jenn Johnston, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, Global Franchise Group

“I am extremely pleased that your comments will be used in our employee work environment as well as their personal lives. I was shocked by the amount of employees who came up to me to thank me for hiring you. You have undoubtedly helped EDI Express to become a better company.”
– Jerry Kelleher, Senior Vice President, EDI Express

“The feedback that I got from the participants was extremely positive and the fact that the majority of them are CEO’s makes it even more incredible.”
– Dr. Saleh H. Malaika, Vice Chairman and CEO, SALAMA Group

“Your exuberance and energy is unending and your humor and fun instantly put the group at ease. The material presented was very meaningful for all levels of our group… it set a tone for a very successful few days.”
–  R.S. Hutcheson, Chairman & CEO, Aspen Properties

“Your presentation contained the right mixture of humor, insight and expertise, and clearly won over the group… All in all, the afternoon set the perfect tone for the rest of the weekend, and really instilled a spirit of camaraderie among the group.”
– Jack Hicks, Partner, O’Melveny & Meyers LLP

“We left our conference feeling energized… It has been almost a month since our off-site meeting and our group is still talking about the session.”
–Tony Chimera, VP – Human Resources,  Axis Capital 

“A great mixture of humor and inspiration for our opening keynote session which was enjoyed by all our members.”
– Marilyn H. Schwickerath, Executive Director, Mutual Insurance Association of Iowa

“For several days following our meeting, conversations regarding your presentation brought smiles and a renewed energy amongst us.”
–Norma Feder-Dong, VP – Human Resources, Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union

“The group exercises were wonderful as we were able to interact in a manner we do not usually get to… keep doing what you’re doing.”
–  Sunir Chandaria, Vice President, Conros Corporation

“The activities you incorporated into the program energized the group while emphasizing the key concepts behind what motivates people to work as a team versus working as individual contributors. The team activities promoted an environment for open discussion and examination of our services business.”
– Heather Fitzgerald, Global Services Strategy & Development Director, Saba Software

“Everyone who had to good fortune to hear you speak left inspired, full of hope and in love with Scott Greenberg.”
– Anne Kennedy, Executive Director, The Wellness Community — Foothills






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