Seth Earley

Seth Earley is the founder and CEO of Earley Information Science. He has developed advanced information management strategies for a wide variety of organizations including Fidelity Investments, Progress Software, the Internal Revenue Service, Progress Software, Abbott Laboratories, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Plymouth Rock Insurance, Gartner Group and others. His work has included projects for the IBM Office of the CIO to develop new application architectures and refine system performance for a worldwide deployment, and for GE to assist business unit leaders in architecting the GE Capital Virtual Boardroom which spanned 30 plus business units. He has also developed process analysis and solution architecture courses and workshops that he has taught worldwide to a large variety of industries and developed the enterprise information architecture and application of metadata standards for a large US government agency. He is co-author of “Practical Knowledge Management” which focuses on taxonomy and information architecture as the foundation for knowledge processes. He has a unique combination of business savvy, technical capabilities and the ability to bring people together to see a common vision during his working sessions.

Additional Credentials:

  • Founder of the Boston Knowledge Management Forum, former adjunct professor at Northeastern University, where he taught graduate courses in Knowledge Management Infrastructure and E-Business Strategy
  • Former Co-Chair of the Metadata Committee, National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) Education and Outreach for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)
  • Leader of workshops for senior executives about aligning information management strategy with measurable business outcomes
  • Developer of information strategy programs for clients in health care, technology, manufacturing, insurance, retail, pharmaceutical, and financial services industries


How to be AI Powered

Separating the Signal from the Noise in a Crowded, Hype Filled Marketplace
Artificial Intelligence is real and it’s going to change our world

The Challenges:

  • Large consultancies charge millions of dollars for science projects that in many cases are not producing sufficient value to justify or sustain the spend.
  • Corporate IT departments scramble to hire scarce talent to compete with tech giants and youthful startups and well-funded players are disrupting the usual business models and eroding market share and profit margins of established industry players.
  • Leadership is stuck between a rock and a hard place – spending millions to allow vendors to learn on their dime or risk losing customers to organizations that get there first.

This presentation will:

  • Help executives understand foundational concepts in artificial intelligence
  • Outline ways to get value from the family of technologies
  • Provide a clear set of recommendations as to what needs to be in place to be successful.


Seth is a powerful speaker who understands the values of proper data management in large complex environments. Seth has a keen sense of the future direction of information science as it relates to the digital revolution. Seth keeps his audience engaged and active when presenting. Seth can sense the listeners understanding level and adapt his presentation on the fly to keep the topic relevant and engaging. I always enjoy listening to Seth speak and feel like I leave his presentations with a better understanding than when I walked in.
~ Timothy J Sendera, PhD, Senior Director of Information Science, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Seth’s keynote was informative and humorous. He cut through the AI hype and explained the technology’s true promise and constraints. He also reminded us that high-quality, audience-focused, well-structured content is key to success in any digital communications channel, including AI-enabled channels.
~ Jacqui Olkin, User Experience Consultant, Olkin Communications ConsultingSeth Earley is a terrific speaker on a variety of content-related topics. His knowledge of the space, along with his industry affiliations, place him well above the pack. In addition, Seth is an engaging speaker. He clearly shows passion for his work, holds the attention of the audience, and provides a captivating and enjoyable experience. We enjoyed having him speak at Information Development World and look forward to additional opportunities in the future.
~ Val Swisher, CEO, Content Rules, Inc.

Seth’s practical approach to AI in his Information Development World keynote presentation provided a much-needed, realistic view of the technology for content professionals. His knowledge of content, information architecture, and content management helped to put the AI story into a broader context that any content pro could understand and relate to, and his humorous delivery engaged the IDW audience and ensured that his important messages about AI were received.
~ Andrea Ames, CEO/Founder and Content Experience Strategy Consultant, Idyll Point™ Group

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