Vinnie Lauria

Asia Venture Capitalist

Jack Sim

Founder of World Toilet Organization

Jamling Tenzing

An Odyssey to the Top of Everest

Sattar Bawany

Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders

Dan Steinbock

International Relations and Business Expert

Frank-Jürgen Richter

Globalization & Emerging Countries

Anthony Desir

China's Outbound Investments

Eddie McDougall

The Flying Winemaker

Todd Miller

Managing Rapid Growth / Chasing Dreams

Martin Jacques

Understanding The Rise of China

Manu Bhaskaran

Asia Economist

Morinosuke Kawaguchi

Leading Japanese Futurist, Subculture-inspired innovation

Matthew McDougall

China Social Media Marketing

Jerome Joseph

Branding in Asia

Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran

Need, Speed and Greed

Chris Chan

Professor In Residence of Richard Ivey School of Business and Ivey Asia

Jiggee Jon

Renowned Asian Emcee cum Entertainer

Eric Feng

Communication & Presentation