Olivier Oullier

Consumer Neuroscience

Azran Osman-Rani

CEO of iflix & Ex-CEO of AirAsia X

Chris Roebuck

Add 10%+  to your bottom line at no cost

Freddie Ravel

Rhythm of Success

Martin Roll

Business & Brand Leadership

Andrew Grant

Creativity, Collaboration, Leadership

Jimmy Ong

Resilience & Breakthrough

Jordan Nguyen

The Next Big Disruptive Technologies

Jesko von den Steinen

Creativity, Collaboration and Cirque du Soleil

Michael R. Solomon

Consumer Behavior, Customer Trends and Marketing Expert

David Thomas

International Grandmaster of Memory

David Clive Price

Secrets For International Business Growth

Keith Coats

Leadership expert

Kaihan Krippendorff

Outthink the Competition

Ryan Mackey

Cultures Impact on Business Success

Jenn Lim

Delivering Happiness

George Yip

Global Strategy and China Innovation

Frans Johansson

Innovation Thought Leader