Matt Jones

Co-founder of Four Pillars Gin, Strategist

Mike Walsh

Leading Futurist

Ashley Galina Dudarenok

Modern Chinese Consumers

Dan Waldschmidt

Business strategist

Porter Erisman

Global E-commerce Boom

Olivier Oullier

Consumer Neuroscience

Sonja Piontek

Asia Luxury Branding

Andy Jiang

Chinese Millennial Consumers

Chris J Reed

Social Selling Expert

Matthew Brennan

WeChat Expert

Curt Steinhorst

Thriving in the Age of Distraction

Steven Van Belleghem

When Digital Becomes Human

Max McKeown

Innovation and Strategy

Hamish Taylor

Former CEO of Eurostar and Sainsburys Bank

Michael McQueen

Future Business

David Avrin

How to Attract the Best Customers

John Livesay

Elevate Your Sales Game in Uncertain Times

Martin Roll

Business & Brand Leadership