Sigourney Weaver

Sci-Fi Queen

Wei Du

Renowned Asia TV Presenter and Journalist

Mike Walsh

Leading Futurist

Maria Chen

Hong Kong-based top-notch professional Emcee

Azran Osman-Rani

CEO of iflix & Ex-CEO of AirAsia X

Lorraine Hahn

Renowned Asia TV Presenter and Journalist

Freddie Ravel

Rhythm of Success

Matthew Brennan

WeChat Expert

Tina Altieri

Sought after MC and Facilitator

Troy Gray

Accomplished MC, Facilitator, Television Presenter / Producer

Chloe Cho

Asia TV Presenter and Journalist

Dana Leong

Two-time Grammy award winning musician

Juan Verde

Business Internalization & Strategy

Shirley Yu

Economist / Bilingual Moderator in Global Finance and Economics

Dave McCaughan

Advertising and Marketing in Asia

Perry McCarthy (The Stig)

Former Formula One Racing Driver

Adam Williams

Asia’s Next Top Model Co-host & Judge

Lisa Oake

Asia-based Journalist and Moderator