Peter Schmeichel

The greatest goalkeeper of all time

Chi-wai Lai

A survivor, wheelchair rock climber and motivational speaker

Yvonne Sum

Leadership in the Balance

Gregory Burns

Motivational speaker, athlete and renowned fine artist

Peter Vessenes

Founding Chairman for the Bitcoin Foundation

Chris Skinner

Banking Expert

Scott Bales

Mobility, Digital & Innovation

Keith Coats

Leadership expert

Matthew E May

Designing Elegant Solutions

Matthew Chong

Disruptive Branding & Business Model in the Digital Era 

Andy Fieldhouse

High Performance Teamwork

Frank Salzgeber

Innovation, Technology, Space

Tina Altieri

Sought after MC and Facilitator

John Hall


Troy Gray

Accomplished MC, Facilitator, Television Presenter / Producer

Kaihan Krippendorff

Outthink the Competition

Ian Johnson

Pulitzer Prize-winning author, China Expert

Andrew Senduk

Millennial Entrepreneur