Mike Walsh

Leading Futurist

Sara Watson

Technology & Trends

Cesar Harada

Robotics & The Future of Education

Robert Scoble

#1 authority on AR/VR

Porter Erisman

Global E-commerce Boom

Andrew Senduk

Millennial Entrepreneur

Michael McQueen

Future Business

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Digilogue: the convergence of the digital and the analogue

Jordan Nguyen

The Next Big Disruptive Technologies

Leroy Chiao

NASA Astronaut

Haiyan Wang

China 2020

Peter Vessenes

Founding Chairman for the Bitcoin Foundation

Stéphane Garelli

World Competitiveness

Shaun Rein

China Business Expert

James Lyne

Cyber Security Specialist

Dirk Ahlborn

CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc.

Azran Osman-Rani

CEO of iflix & Ex-CEO of AirAsia X

George Yip

Global Strategy and China Innovation