Su-Yen Wong

Su-Yen Wong is an internationally recognised thought leader, professional speaker, and board director, who helps audiences around the world navigate the intersection of technology, strategy and leadership. Her perspectives are shaped by a unique blend of hands-on experience at the board and C-level in high-tech, business, and human capital gleaned over 25 years across Asia Pacific and North America. Her thought leadership and perspectives are represented in leading media worldwide including Channel News Asia, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg.

Su-Yen currently serves on the Boards of several public, private, and not-for-profit organisations. She has advised and worked with some of the world’s largest, most innovative, and complex organisations including Alibaba, AT&T, Becton Dickinson, Citibank, China Mobile, DBS, ExxonMobil, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, SK Telecom, and the Government of Singapore.

A sought-after keynote speaker and facilitator, Su-Yen has addressed audiences from the United States to Ukraine. She is also a regular guest lecturer and visiting expert at leading universities in Europe, Asia, North and South America such as IESE Business School, INSEAD, IPADE Business School, Singapore Management University and Yale University.


The Future of Work
With the onset of the 4th industrial revolution, new business models and jobs are being created, and destroyed, at a dizzying pace. With the pace of technological progress in front of us, knowledge and skills are getting outdated quickly. What are key trends shaping the future of work? What are the jobs of the future, what skills are in demand, and how might this change? What are the implications for individuals, organisations, and society?

Leadership for an Asian Century
Many western companies have set their sights on Asia as a key growth engine. What will it take for Asian leaders to step onto the regional and global stage? How can western leaders who are new to Asia rapidly come up the learning curve? As Asian companies similarly expand beyond home country borders, how can they best prepare their organisation and leaders to take on new global challenges?

Human Capital 2.0
The role of human capital as a source of competitive advantage is more important than ever before. What are leading edge approaches to attraction, development, and retention in the new world of work? What shifts in leadership, culture, structure, performance, and people management are required for future success? How can companies leverage analytics and technology to reinvent HR?

Women on Top
There are compelling reasons to improve diversity especially at senior levels of an organisation, and while progress has been made, there remains much work to be done both in Asia and globally. What does it take to make it to the Board Room and C- Suite? What are organisation enablers and detailers? How can women prepare for leadership roles, and set themselves up for success?


Su-Yen’s session was the highlight of the whole event. It was informative, engaging and very relevant to the audience.

Her passion for the subject of leadership was evident as shared her thoughts on how to navigate the workplace as a future leader.

Your contribution was invaluable (and) will surely help inform future discussions on Brazil’s reform efforts.
~ Yale University

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