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Asia Luxury Watch Investment Expert Dominic Khoo Joins Speakers Connect

We are thrilled to have Asia’s luxury watch investment expert Dominic Khoo joining us at Speakers Connect! Dominic Khoo Dominic Khoo was the first South-East Asian to have worked full-time as a professional watch expert in an auction house. Under the watchful eyes of world famous watch expert Osvaldo Patrizzi and the world’s biggest watch .. read more

Sichan Siv’s Compelling Story: From the Killing Fields to the White House

Sichan Siv, former Ambassador to the United Nations, tells in his presentation, “From the Killing Fields to the White House”, the compelling story of fleeting Cambodia and his journey to a high-profile career in foreign policy. Sichan Siv Sichan Siv was nominated by President George W. Bush in October 2001 and unanimously confirmed by the .. read more

Nils Vesk: The Future of Business Innovation

Nils Vesk, innovation speaker and design thinking guru, shares some ways of applying innovation in the changing world to your organization. Highlight action from his keynote at the Future Thread World’s Next Practice conference. Nils Vesk Nils Vesk is an expert in Innovation, Idea generation and design thinking. He is the author of the innovation book .. read more

Lewis Pugh’s Insights on Hard Work!

Lewis Pugh: “The key is to practice until u can’t get it wrong. Not until u get it right. There’s a big difference.” Lewis Pugh Lewis Pugh knows oceans. He was the first to complete a long distance swim in every ocean of the world, and has pioneered more swims around famous landmarks than any .. read more

Jonathan Low Publishes New Book on Converting Clients into Fans

Malaysia-based motivational speaker Jonathan Low has just published his new book: “Seven Proven Practices to Convert Clients into Amazing Fans”, which was drawn from more than 25 years of his experience in the hospitality industry & consulting work. Available now at major bookstores in Malaysia. Every business wants to convert its clients into amazing fans. .. read more

Motivational Speaker David Lim Rocked the Stage at Swiss Re Event

Asia’s leading motivational speaker David Lim rocked the stage at Swiss Re’s recent conference in Vietnam. During his presentation David shared the secrets of being a great leader, based on the lessons he learnt from the Everest. David Lim David Lim is best known for leading the landmark 1st Singapore Everest Expedition in 1998 (as .. read more

Erez Morag on Accelerating Performance

Dr Erez Morag, Peak Performance expert, was interviewed recently on how to use accelerate performance of top sportsmen by enhancing their cognitive response using new technology and scientific approach. In high speed games, thinking clearly and making decisions quickly are important for winning. Erez Morag Nike Game Changer Dr. Erez Morag is an innovation expert based .. read more

New Speaking Topics of Retail Expert Ken Hughes

Are you curious about the new speaking topics of retail expert Ken Hughes? The Digital Native Advance: A New DNA for Shoppers, Experiential Retail: The Need for Positive Disruption, We’re All a Bit Crazy: Harnessing Shopper Irrationality, Shopper Marketing & Shopper Centricity… The Digital Native Advance: A New DNA for Shoppers Too often the focus .. read more

Conor Woodman’s Scam City Showing on Hong Kong TVB Pearl

Conor Woodman‘s Scam City is showing on Hong Kong TVB Pearl. Money has been saved, the trip has been booked and you’re off to an exotic locale for a much needed vacation. Every year, hundreds of millions of tourists head off in pursuit of adventure in foreign climes – and each year, millions of them .. read more

Andrew Savitz: Sustainability – The Triple Bottom Line

Why sustainability is important to business? Andrew Savitz, author of best-seller “The Triple Bottom Line”, shares his insights… For businesses, sustainability is a powerful and defining idea: a sustainable corporation is one that creates profit for its shareholders while protecting the environment and improving the lives of those with whom it interacts. It operates so .. read more