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Roger Bootle Publishing New Book: The AI Economy: Work, Wealth and Welfare in the Age of the Robot

Roger Bootle

Roger Bootle, one of Britain’s best-known economists is set to release a new book in September. Roger’s latest book, The AI Economy is highly anticipated, given that Roger’s earlier publications such as Making a Success of Brexit and Reforming the EU, The Trouble with Europe, The Trouble with Markets and Money for Nothing, and The Death of Inflation were widely acclaimed. […]

Thomas Koulopoulos: Revealing the Invisible: How Our Hidden Behaviors Are Becoming the Most Valuable Commodity of the 21st Century

Thomas Koulopoulos

Futurist Thomas Koulopoulos‘ new book, “Revealing the Invisible: How Our Hidden Behaviors Are Becoming the Most Valuable Commodity of the 21st Century” just made #1 New Release in both Consumer Behavior and Information Management! “The intersection between behavior and technology is precisely where AI resides. Far too many conversations about AI go down the technology […]

René Carayol Publishes New Book: Spike: What are You Great at?

Rene Carayol

René Carayol, leading business guru, leadership and culture speaker and executive coach has published a new book called SPIKE: What are You Great at? With the SPIKE (Strengths Positively Identified Kick-start Excellence) philosophy, there are no losers anymore – everyone has something they are great at! The book is the product of 30 years of supporting the […]

Rohit Talwar, Futurist, Publishes New Book, Beyond Genuine Stupidity – Ensuring AI Serves Humanity

Rohit Talwar

Rohit Talwar, futurist, together with his co-authors, explore how to ensure Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a positive impact on individuals, society, industries, business, the economy, and jobs. “Beyond Genuine Stupidity – Ensuring AI Serves Humanity” is the first book in the Fast Future Series and it explores how AI could have impacts across every aspect of […]

Alpesh Patel Releases New Book,Tested: The Dream is free but the HU$TLE comes at a cost

Alpesh Patel

Alpesh Patel has released a new book entitled “TESTED: The dream is free but the HU$TLE comes at a cost“. From the African bush to the streets of London, from the souks of Tangier and the concrete jungle of Hong Kong to the bling of Dubai and back to mother Africa; this is a riveting true […]

Anders Sorman-Nilsson Publishes New Book: Seamless: A Hero’s Journey of Digital Disruption, Adaptation and Human Transformation

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

We are thrilled that our beloved futurist, Anders Sorman-Nilsson, is going to publish his new book, Seamless: A Hero’s Journey of Digital Disruption, Adaptation and Human Transformation. Seamless a much awaited publication, following Anders’ two successful books Thinque Funky (2009) and Digilogue (2013). It is all about achieving brand success with smarter change management. This book goes into details on how to […]

Professor Stéphane Garelli’s New Book: Are You a Tiger, a Cat or a Dinosaur?: 100 Questions: How Competitiveness Influences Your Life!

Prof Stephane Garelli

Professor Stéphane Garelli has released a new book called “Are You a Tiger, a Cat or a Dinosaur?” which tackles competitiveness and its influence on life. In his book, Prof Garelli moves beyond academic analysis and shows the day-to-day realities of competitiveness. The book highlights 100 questions which illustrate competitiveness: “Is boring competitive?,” “What are things worth?,” “Can we […]

David Gething to release his new book “Relentless” in Oct 2016

David Gething

David Gething is releasing his book Relentless on October 17, 2016. David’s new book details the Sydney-born veterinary surgeon’s journey to personal and professional transformation. Relentless is an insider’s guide to the ultimate physical challenge of winning the World Marathon Challenge—a race covering seven marathons on seven continents in seven days and setting two world records. But at […]