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Graeme Codrington: Diversity in the New World of Work

Dr Graeme Codrington, leading futurist, highlights two key problems most companies have with diversity, and suggests ways in which we can move beyond compliance to real business benefits from diversity. Dr Graeme Codrington is an expert on the new world of work and multi-generational workplaces. He is a keynote presenter, author, futurist, facilitator and strategy .. read more

Mike Walsh: Will Smarter Computers Make For Smarter Leaders?

The rise of machine intelligence begs a much bigger question: what is an intelligent human leader? In other words, what does it take to upgrade your management capabilities in a world when new platforms threaten to automate decision making? Futurist Mike Walsh has more insights to share on the future of AI in the workplace.  .. read more

Anders Sörman-Nilsson on Singularity

Anders Sörman-Nilsson, futurist, shares his insights on Singularity: According to TIME Magazine singularity is when Machine power will surpass brainpower equivalent to that all of human brains combined. — As we get closer to singularity we will see an increasing convergence of the analogue and digital world. — In order to keep up with today’s .. read more

Anders Sorman-Nilsson: Disruption In The Hospitality Industry

Anders Sorman-Nilsson talks about 3 trends that will impact the hospitality industry. The trends that’s changing the industry are personalized experiences, disruptors in the digital space and mobilized and intuitive interfaces. Anders Sörman-Nilsson Anders Sörman-Nilsson is a Swedish-Australian reformed lawyer and the founder and creative director of the Sydney and Stockholm based research company — .. read more

Leading Futurist Tom Koulopoulos Keynotes Innovation and Future-proofing

Tom Koulopoulos keynoted at the CCH Conference on innovation and on how to future-proof your business. Thomas M. Koulopoulos Thomas Koulopoulos is President and founder of Delphi Group, a Boston-based Think Tank and advisory firm. Delphi was Founded in 1989 and has served nearly 20,000 clients across all industries, federal and state government agencies around the world. Since .. read more

Futurist Mike Walsh on Big Data and Customer Loyalty

Futurist Mike Walsh has recently spoken at a customer loyalty conference, Colloqui Loyalty Summit. Here are a few insights on customer loyalty and big data – for tomorrow: 1. How are we going to engage with the next generation of consumers? The next generation changed radically in 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. Soon, .. read more

Mike Walsh and Vinh Giang Got Rave Reviews at PMI Asia Conference

Mike Walsh and Vinh Giang spoke at the recent PMI Asia Conference in Bali, and got rave reviews from the audience! Mike inspired the audience on the Future of Business, while Vinh used magic to explain secrets of human psychology.          Mike Walsh Mike Walsh, futurist speaker, author of Futuretainment and CEO of innovation research .. read more

James Canton: The Future of Business and Innovation

Are you Future Smart? Ready to face the challenges of the future? In this keynote Dr. James Canton forecasts the key trends that will shape the future of business and innovation. Find out what’s next and how to adapt, learn and change to lead your organization and yourself into the future. James Canton Dr. James .. read more

Prof Michio Kaku in Asia in late May 2015

We have some great news! Prof Michio Kaku will be in Asia in late May 2015. Contact us to have him as a speaker! Michio Kaku Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, best-selling author and scientist of world renown. He is the Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Graduate Centre of the .. read more

Michio Kaku: The Coming Breakthroughs That Will Change Life

String Field Theory genius Michio Kaku explains the coming breakthroughs that will change life as we know it… Time travel and teleportation will have to wait. It may take centuries to master these technology. But within the coming decades, we will understand dark matter, perhaps test string theory, find planets which can harbor life, and .. read more