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Varun Agarwal Keynote on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Following your Heart

Entrepreneur, filmmaker and bestselling author Varun Agarwal shares important insights on entrepreneurship, leadership and following your heart in his inspiring keynote: Varun Agarwal is a filmmaker, entrepreneur and a bestselling author. His talk on TED India (INK Talks) recently was viewed by over 1.6 Million People on Youtube making him one of the few Indian speakers to cross .. read more

Marcel Daane: The link between body-brain health and adaptability

Marcel Daane spoke about the link between body-brain health and adaptability during the World Coaching Congress in Mumbai, India. Here is the extract video of his presentation. Marcel Daane is the author of the globally acclaimed leadership book “Headstrong Performance” and the recipient of the 2012 Global HR Excellence Award in Leadership and the 2016 Global Coaching Leadership .. read more

Paul Niel, Hong Kong-based Motivational Speaker, Continues to Help Those in Need

Paul Niel, Hong Kong-based motivational speaker and venture capitalist, continues to help those in need by travelling in a tuk tuk across India in aid of charity “Educate Girls”. I HAD BEEN CONTEMPLATING exploring India – a country of vast diversity, natural beauty and exotic cultures – for a while, but had needed to find .. read more

Dan Steinbock: Insights on Global Economy

Dr. Dan Steinbock, Research Director of International Business, India, China and America Institute, shared his insights on the global economy at a credit risk conference in Hong Kong. Part 1: Part 2: Dr Dan Steinbock Dr Dan Steinbock is an internationally recognized expert of the multipolar world. He focuses on international business, international relations, investment .. read more

Paul Niel Goes on Rickshaw Adventure to Support Girls’ Education in India

Paul Niel, our Hong Kong-based adventure speaker, has recently gone on a rickshaw adventure to support girls’ education in India.  “Girls without education in rural India are often subjected to child marriage and have children very young, or if they are poor they’ll drop out of schools to marry,” said Wong, 32, a language teacher. .. read more

Varun Agarwal, Young Indian Enterpreneur, Says: Bend the Rules!

Varun Agarwal, young Indian enterpreneur who has built a million-dollar business, says to live life to the full, bend the rules! Varun Agarwal Varun is a filmmaker, entrepreneur and a bestselling author. His talk on TED India (INK Talks) recently was viewed by over 1.2 Million People on Youtube making him one of the few Indian speakers .. read more

Varun Agarwal: The Young New India Customers

India is now the worlds youngest population with an estimated 400 million between the age of 15-30. This is a massive market opportunity for major brands and companies. This is also an enormous talent pool. Find out more about Varun Agarwal‘s presentation, The Young New India Customers… This is a fast paced presentation on the .. read more

Mike Walsh: The Rise of India

Mike Walsh shares his insights regarding the rise of India and the future of the web… I spend nearly 300 days a year on the road—travelling to distant countries, interviewing business leaders and seeking new patterns of consumer behavior. I do this because while it’s tempting to just track events in Silicon Valley, the more .. read more

Anil Gupta and Haiyan Wang Publish New Book: The Silk Road Rediscovered

Anil Gupta and Haiyan Wang have just published their new book: “The Silk Road Rediscovered: How Indian and Chinese Companies Are Becoming Globally Stronger by Winning in Each Others Markets” It is a roadmap for understanding the business challenges and opportunities in China. By 2025, China and India will be two of the world’s four .. read more

Fredrik Haren: Creativity in the Developing World

Fredrik Haren, leading speaker on business creativity, spoke on Creativity in the Developing World at Zee Leadership Conference in India.Watch the video below… Fredrik Haren Fredrik Haren is a Swedish entrepreneur, publisher and author who now lives in Singapore. He is the founder of a creativity company called, and has been invited to speak .. read more