Robert B. Tucker in China in late June

Innovation expert Robert B. Tucker is going to be in China this June. In the video below, Robert delivers a keynote based on his bestselling book Managing the Future: 10 Driving Forces of Change. Robert says “The world is changing out there. Survival is not guaranteed.” and “We have to innovate how we innovate.”  Check out the rest of Robert’s […]

Ben Casnocha: how to be more entrepreneurial at work with a growth mindset

Ben Casnocha, award-winning entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker tells theCUBE “The best way to adapt yourself, to survive and thrive amidst all these challenges is to study what entrepreneurs do when creating amazing businesses.” In this interview, Ben is asked several important questions like “Is gut feel/intuition a critical factor for an entrepreneur?” and “What’s the […]

Mike Walsh: Rethinking Innovation for the 21st Century – Prototyping vs Strategy

What is the best way to come up with a plan for disrupting the future of your business and industry? Hire some consultants to create a 50 page, beautifully designed, strategy slide deck? Or hack together some prototypes, run some experiments, and let your next generation of customers co-create with you? Mike Walsh considers the […]

Max McKeown: Adaptability – How To Shape A Better Future With Beautiful Innovation

Max McKeown brings the truth about high adaptability – and high innovation – to life with examples, humour, emotion so you will gain memorable personal and practical insights to help you in the real world. We humans have a wonderful talent for shaping the future. At our best we are able to think our way […]

JP Vazquez Nominated for the Thinkers50 Award on Innovation

Congratulations to Prof JP Vazquez for being nominated for the Thinkers50 Award on Innovation! Find out more here: Juan Pablo Vázquez Sampere Juan Pablo Vázquez Sampere is an expert on Disruptive Innovation. He is an Associate Professor for the Operations & Technology area at IE Business School, his research is focused on using innovation […]

Jesko von den Steinen Speaking at AdAsia 2015 Taipei

Jesko von den Steinen will be speaking at AdAsia 2015 Taipei on the topic “Collaboration for better creative innovation”. Jesko will use stories from Cirque du Soleil and House of Dancing Water to illustrate how Advertising creators can be inspired to be more effective in their industries. Jesko von den Steinen Jesko von den Steinen […]

Caroline Casey: New Skills for New Jobs

Caroline Casey, talks about the new skills needed for the new jobs emerged today. Innovation usually comes from the back of struggles. Now, we are facing enormous changes and companies and businesses to think differently to embrace the diversity – to create products and services that have not existed before. Caroline Casey Dr. Caroline Casey, […]

Michael McQueen: SMEs can Innovate by Looking to Customers

Futurist Michael McQueen shared his insights on how SMEs can innovate by looking to customers in his recent interview with The Star Online in Malaysia, after speaking at the ACCA Annual Conference in Kuala Lumpur. “The reality is, innovation doesn’t have to cost much at all. Innovation really is about the mindset more than anything […]

Ken Hughes: Time bending – 365 ways to unlock creativity and innovation

Ken Hughes is Europe’s leading consumer and shopper behaviouralist, and a global thought leader in the areas of shopper psychology, behavioural economics and neuromarketing. Ken gave a talk at TEDx University of Nicosia on time bending – 365 ways to unlock creativity and innovation. Ken Hughes Ken Hughes is Europe’s leading Consumer & Shopper behaviouralist. […]

Leading Futurist Tom Koulopoulos Keynotes Innovation and Future-proofing

Tom Koulopoulos keynoted at the CCH Conference on innovation and on how to future-proof your business. Thomas M. Koulopoulos Thomas Koulopoulos is President and founder of Delphi Group, a Boston-based Think Tank and advisory firm. Delphi was Founded in 1989 and has served nearly 20,000 clients across all industries, federal and state government agencies around the world. Since […]