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Bitcon – New Book by Jeffrey Robinson About Bitcoin

Jeffrey Robinson publishes his new book, “BitCon: The Naked Truth About Bitcoin”   Book details from The international best-selling author of THE LAUNDRYMEN pulls back the curtain on the digital currency craze to prove that, when it comes to bitcoin, what you see is not necessarily what you get. Jeffrey Robinson spent more than .. read more

Jeffrey Robinson in Asia in November 2013

Jeffrey Robinson, recognized expert on money laundering, organized crime and fraud, will be in Asia in November 2013. Seize this chance to have him as a speaker for your next event. Jeffrey Robinson Jeffrey Robinson is the international bestselling author of 27 books, including The Laundrymen (the definitive book on money laundering), The Merger (documenting .. read more

Jeffrey Robinson’s New Book on Money Laundering: Criminal Intent

Jeffrey Robinson, recognised expert on money laundering, organized crime and fraud, wrote a new book on money  laundering, Criminal Intent – THE SWISS WASH WHITER. The book is an investigative tour de force, that pulls the Wizard of Oz curtain back on the hypocrisy behind the headlines. The book can be bought on Amazon here… Jeffrey Robinson .. read more