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Lisa Oake, Experienced Asia-based Journalist, Joins Speakers Connect

Welcome Lisa Oake, experienced Asia-based journalist, joining us at Speakers Connect! Lisa Oake Lisa Oake is a Canadian born journalist with sixteen years of experience covering global economics, business and politics for CNBC. She has moderated conferences for some of the biggest companies in the world including Standard Chartered Bank & Morgan Stanley. Lisa joined .. read more

Zain Verjee, Renwoned CNN Journalist, Joins us at Speakers Connect

Great news! Zain Verjee, Renwoned CNN Journalist, joined us at Speakers Connect. Here you have a video with her where she reports on a terrorist attack that happened in her home country Kenya. Zain Verjee Zain Verjee is one of the world’s most respected and recognized journalists, with 14 years of experience at CNN as .. read more

Ben Collins, The Stig, Joins Speakers Connect

Really great news! Ben Collins, the Stig, joined us at Speakers Connect. Ben Collins Better known as The Stig from BBC’s internationally acclaimed Top Gear program, Ben Collins has coached hundreds of celebrities such as Tom Cruise around the race track, organised high voltage car chases and tested hundreds of priceless cars to the brink. Ben holds many credits .. read more