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Mike Walsh: Will Smarter Computers Make For Smarter Leaders?

The rise of machine intelligence begs a much bigger question: what is an intelligent human leader? In other words, what does it take to upgrade your management capabilities in a world when new platforms threaten to automate decision making? Futurist Mike Walsh has more insights to share on the future of AI in the workplace.  .. read more

Mike Walsh: Rethinking Innovation for the 21st Century – Prototyping vs Strategy

What is the best way to come up with a plan for disrupting the future of your business and industry? Hire some consultants to create a 50 page, beautifully designed, strategy slide deck? Or hack together some prototypes, run some experiments, and let your next generation of customers co-create with you? Mike Walsh considers the .. read more

Mike Walsh: How great companies re-invent themselves to survive the future

Why is it that some companies manage to survive and thrive for decades, while others and the products they make, fade into history? According to futurist Mike Walsh, the answer is adaptability. Great companies re-invent themselves constantly, adapting rapidly to how the needs of the markets they serve are shifting. Mike Walsh Mike Walsh, futurist .. read more

Mike Walsh: Big data, visualization and the enduring genius of Florence Nightingale

Although we have a vision of Florence Nightingale as the lady with the lamp, the consumate nurse and advocate for soldier’s health – she was also one of the world’s first data visualization innovators. In this segment futurist Mike Walsh talks about how leaders can leverage data to be more persuasive, effective and, just like .. read more

Mike Walsh: What Marketers Need To Know About The Future Of Media

Futurist Mike Walsh challenges marketing leaders in his keynote speech, with the idea that the real question is not ‘what is the future of media?’, but ‘what in the future will be media?’ Shifting media consumption patterns, advanced sensors that track emotional engagement, location and personal context, as well as the rise of programmatic media .. read more

Mike Walsh: How the next generation will eat, share and tag the future of food

To understand the future of food, you have to start by examining the mindset of the next generation of consumers. Smartphones and photo sharing are changing the way that we think about meals and eating. But that’s just the beginning. What happens when restaurants, supermarkets and even food products themselves, start tracking the way we .. read more

On the Road with Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh, futurist and best-selling author, discusses his approach to research, travel, and helping companies re-imagine themselves for the 21st century. Mike Walsh Mike Walsh, futurist speaker, author of Futuretainment and CEO of innovation research agency Tomorrow, helps to prepare business leaders for what’s next. Everything is changing. All the traditional industries we grew up .. read more

Mike Walsh on Challenges and Realities of the Global Food Industry in the Future

Conference keynote speaker Mike Walsh examined the challenges and realities facing the global food industry in the future at IFT Food Expo in Chicago. Food & 3-D Printing: “The future isn’t simply an upgrade on the present — it is an invitation to think in an entirely different way,” says Walsh. That new way can .. read more

Mike Walsh on Engaging Next Generation Consumers

Mike Walsh, futurist, discussed how to engage next generation consumers at his recent keynote at the Vodafone Digital Transformation Summit in 2015. Personalised experience is the key… Mike Walsh Mike Walsh, futurist speaker, author of Futuretainment and CEO of innovation research agency Tomorrow, helps to prepare business leaders for what’s next. Everything is changing. All .. read more

Mike Walsh on Next Generation of Business and Management

Mike Walsh, founder and CEO of Tomorrow, advises businesses on positioning themselves for technological change, delivered a keynote address on the second day of the 2015 Society for Human Resource Management Talent Management Conference & Exposition. How do we engage the next generation? “They’re our kids,” Walsh reminded the audience, and parents have been “neurologically .. read more