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Brett King: Google Wallet is not about Payments

We view it as a much more secure transaction, and we want to provide our customers with the most secure transactions in the market place,” Jamie Henry, director of payment services with Walmart treasury organizations (source: NFC News ) Henry has said that 100 percent of Wal-Mart’s terminals already support EMV cards. However, when asked recently at the Smart Card Alliance Annual Conference about the role of NFC or contactless technology in the greater POS environment in the US, Henry was reported as saying “There’s no business case for NFC yet” Many bankers take a similar stance in respect to mobile payments support for NFC phones, stating that until contactless point-of-sale terminals have broad enough distribution, customers won’t be able to make use of their NFC phones and thus the expense of rolling-out a trial and investing in the supporting technology would be premature.

Brett King: Winning at Social Media

Be inspired by Brett King on How to Win at Social Media, from his article at Huffington Post : It’s interesting that whenever a major disruptor like social media, the Internet, etc. comes along, inevitably there are many traditional managers and practitioners who don’t understand it and label it as a ‘fad’.Brett King Just because you don’t understand something personally, doesn’t mean it is a fad.

…While there has been some viral marketing success on social media, if it social media is classified as a marketing tool or channel within your organization it means two things: You don’t understand the two-way dialog nature of social media, and You have too many traditional marketing people in your marketing team today So now that we know social media isn’t a fad – what happens next?

Simone Brunozzi, Cloud Computing Expert Joins Speakers Connect

He joined Amazon.com in March 2008 in the role of Amazon Web Services Technology Evangelist for Europe, to raise awareness about Cloud Computing and help developers build applications. … Contact us at Speakers Connect at [email protected] or +852 21654126 if you would like to engage Simone for your next event, or viist us for more top notch speakers from Asia    from us .