Tom Koulopoulos

Thomas M. Koulopoulos is President and founder of Delphi Group, a Boston-based Think Tank and advisory firm. Delphi was Founded in 1989 and has served nearly 20,000 clients across all industries, federal and state government agencies around the world.

CloudSurfingSince launching Delphi Group in 1989, Mr. Koulopoulos propelled Delphi to its position as an Inc. 500 company (one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in the USA) with global offices, a trusted brand, and a leading independent advisor on business and technology trends to large enterprise and government.

Mr. Koulopoulos is also an Executive in Residence at Bentley University, where he teaches graduate courses on Innovation, a Board member of the Kaplan School for Information Technology, serves on the faculty of Harvard University’s School of Public Health, has been an adjunct professor at the Boston College Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Management and a guest lecturer at the Boston University Graduate School of Management, and is the past Founding Executive Director of the Babson College Research Center for Advanced Business Innovation where he oversaw some of the world’s leading research and thought leadership on the topic of Business Innovation.

Named one of the industry’s “Killer Consultants” and most influential management consultant by InformationWeek Magazine he has delivered consulting services as a senior level advisor to hundreds of global organizations, including: Apple, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, USGS, FBI, Secret Service, DuPont, UBS, BAA, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Digital Equipment Corp, NYSE, NY Port Authority, Pepsi, Washington Mutual, SAP, Intel, Library of Congress, Department of Justice, NY Life, Air France, British Airways, LG CNS, Microsoft, California Federal, Lawrence Livermore Labs, National Life, Revenue Canada, Canadian Government, USAF, Kimberly Clark, Las Vegas Water Authority, Dow Corning, Tennessee Valley Authority, CitiCorp, Arthur Andersen, Exxon Mobil, GD Searl, Warner Lambert, Mayo, Kellogg’s, Nomura, Intel, and Microsoft

His Eight books include, Cloud Surfing, The Innovation Zone, Smartsourcing, Corporate Instinct, Smart Companies, Smart Tools, and The X-economy. During the past two decades Mr. Koulopoulos’ works have introduced core industry concepts, frameworks and vernacular such as Innovation Zones, Smartsourcing, Single Point of Access, Touch Points, Digital Control Rooms, Business Operating Systems and Corporate IQ, that are widely used today in describing the impact of technology on business. His insights have received accolades from luminaries such as Peter Drucker, Dee Hock, and Tom Peters who called his writing, “a brilliant vision of where we must take our enterprises to survive and thrive.” According to Peter Drucker, Tom’s writing “makes you question not only the way you run your business but the way you run yourself.”

Mr. Koulopoulos’ philanthropic interests include being an early advisor to the non-profit Tech Foundation, which makes technology accessible to the non-profit sector in an attempt to bridge the widening digital divide and an Advisor/Donor/Team Manager for Destination Imagination, a global K-12 program with more than 200,000 participants in 20 countries, which focuses on developing creative problem solving and team building skills in children to better prepare them for an innovation-based economy.


Generation Z

One of the most profound changes in business and society is the emergence of the post millennial generation, Gen Z.

While every new generation has faced its share of disruption in technology, economics, politics and society, no other generation in the history of mankind has had the ability to make sure that every human being on the planet is connected to each other, fully educated, and economically engaged. What might this mean for the way in which we build our business, markets, and institutions for education in the future?

The Innovation Zone

In this revolutionary keynote, drawing from his upcoming book, The Z Generation, Tom delves into a vision of the future that will not only disrupt but also reinvent almost every aspect of how we work, live and play. From radical new approaches to marketing and manufacturing to the potential obliteration of intellectual property and the shift to mass innovation, Tom provides a mind-bending view of why we will need to embrace Gen Z as the last best hope for taking on the world’s biggest challenges and opportunities, and how you can prepare yourself and your business for the greatest era of prosperity and advance the world has ever experienced.

The Internet of Everything, Everyone, Everywhere
Living, Working and Innovating in the Age of Big Data and Small Devices

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is one of the hottest business and tech topics to come along in years, and nobody can better speak to the impact that IoE will have on our organizations and our lives than Tom Koulopoulos.

What is IoE? It’s the incredible new value being created through the ability to hyperconnect all of the devices, sensors, people, and data being collected about how businesses and people behave. In short – it’s the future of business and society.

If your clients have not yet begun to ask for a presentation on the IoE and Big Data, they will. Be assured, as always, Tom is on the cutting edge of current trends in business and technology. If you would like to discuss the focus of this keynote, so that you may present it to your clients, we are happy to arrange a conversation!

Beyond Brainstorming
Becoming Future-Proof in an Uncertain World

Beyond Brainstorming is a completely interactive keynote for a 1000 participants. In this bold new approach to large scale meetings, Tom challenges the traditional thoughts on brainstorming and introduces a scenario-based approach for team-based problem solving that allows you to break down even the most complex challenges, generate novel ideas quickly, focus on the best ideas, and then select the ideas with the right balance of risk and value. Please contact me if you have a client looking for a hands-on experience that will both motivate and inspire!

The Innovation Zone :A deep look at how Innovation will change companies and careers. Tom uses examples from some of the world’s leading innovators, lessons from his mentor Peter Drucker and challenges us to all become world-class innovators.

The Social Economy: Facebook and Twitter are just the tip of a massive iceberg of change that lies directly in our path. In this keynote Tom will guide your audience through the maze of challenges, options and opportunities that social networking and social media are creating.

Living in The Cloud: The hottest topic since the advent of the Internet. And nobody can speak to it with more insight, energy, and humor than Tom. It’s why HP, Microsoft, Gartner and many others have asked Tom to keynote their organizations’ cloud events. Drawing on his latest e-book, Living in The Cloud, Tom paints a powerful picture of how The Cloud will change the way we live, work and play.

The Future of Globalization: Coping With and Profiting From the Effects of Globalization.

The Uncertainty Principle: How to build organizations that can survive and thrive in times of uncertainty.

Managing Knowledge: The Myth and the Reality of Managing Knowledge and Those Who Own It.

FutureTech: A Look at the Future of Technology and Organizations in the coming Decades.


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