Tony Verb

Tony Á. Verb is a serial entrepreneur, urban innovator, venture capitalist and film producer, based in Hong Kong, originally from Hungary.

He’s done business in multiple industries from entertainment to social entrepreneurship. He’s come a long way from consulting small Hungarian businesses on European Union subsidies, to advising out of Hong Kong some of the biggest firms in the world on how to innovate.

His most recent venture is The GreaterBay Company, an integrated investment and consulting firm, specialised on modern urban development and smart cities. With a focus on the Greater Bay Area around the Pearl River Delta, he is actively contributing to building the biggest megacity in the world and facilitating the adaptation of best practices globally.

Tony launched several initiatives and contributes to different verticals and communities locally and globally, with experience in corporate innovation and ecosystem building as partner of and co-founder of Mettā, a global platform and private club for entrepreneurs and innovators. He is an acclaimed public engagement expert for cities and large scale events, as well as a thought leader and featured speaker in urban innovation.

Tony is an IWC Pioneer and a proud member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community. He is the Vice Chairman for the Greater Bay Area of the Investment Committee of the Smart City Consortium in Hong Kong, founding committee co-chair of the Fintech Association of Hong Kong, and he holds numerous further advisory and director roles.


Megacities in 2050

Urbanisation is the one undeniable reality of the 21th century. Unless there is a major global epidemic, 2.5 billion more people will be living in cities in 2050 than today. That means 3 million more people moving or born into cities every single week.

We cannot cope with those numbers with the current urban structures. Cities will get larger and larger, but they will only flourish if they get smarter as well. Where will these megacities grow and how can they cater best to their citizens? Is this going to be the century of cities over nations? If so, who’s going to win?

In this keynote, Tony will take us on a journey into the future, bringing a lot of contemporary examples, fun facts and news from the innovation world and put them all in historical context.

Mobility of our Future

Electric self driving vehicles are expected to disrupt the way we live. Futurists envision us living in cars, instead of homes, being on the move all the time. That’s not quite the near term future as some try to depict it.

We will see first electric then autonomous mass transportation systems proliferating, the aviation industry growing ever further and bicycles popping up everywhere. Fast railway will be the norm, electric self navigating ships taking over the ports and maybe even hyperloop networks built and drone taxis deployed in the most innovative urban contexts.

Not that the technology for electric self driving cars are not there yet, but there is a much higher barrier: regulation need to adapt. In the meantime however, we will see the rapid growth of a more sustainable, efficient and integrated transportation system around us.

Decentralised Generation 

Whether you are deep into blockchain or hold a couple of crypto currencies, and even if you just bought the first digital token this morning or planning to buy in the near future, you, dear readers, are all one. Either way, you are actively participating in the evolution of business models, the revolution of the financial sector and the intellectual and practical challenge to everything centralized.

This is a movement that we can define as the most recent manifestation of the human desire to be free. This is also the next wave of innovation in tech and in universal approach to life or business. There has not been a time in history, where the dream of a life across borders, regulations and cultures was as real a dream, as democratised an opportunity as in our days.

Don’t be mistaken: this keynote is not just about blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the potentials that they might open. This speech is much more about what we are made of as humans, how the nature of centralized and decentralized systems have shaped us who we are as individuals and societies along our history. We will look at the pioneers and their inventions, the dreamers and their dreams, the opportunists and the opportunities; everything that is encompassing the present and the future of tens of millions of people that cannot be defined simply by age, but by mindset. We call them Generation D.

The Greater Bay Area

Welcome to the Pearl River Delta, the world’s fastest growing megalopolis. Now called the Greater Bay Area, a city cluster of Hong Kong, Macau and 9 cities in the Guangdong province of Southern China encompasses the San Francisco Bay Area almost on all levels. Actually, no other “delta regions” are comparable, whether we talk about New York, Tokyo or others.

The GDP of the region has been growing 10% annually for the past 20 years on average and now its economic power equals that of Portugal and Spain combined and it is expected to grow at the same rate for the coming decade and beyond, dwarfing California’s economic might.

66 million people live here within 3 hours travel distance form each other, enabled by good education, smart city solutions, surrounded by an extremely innovative environment. Entrepreneurship is not only supported here, but that is what the region is built on, resulting in the most diverse economic structure and local companies, conglomerates and ecosystems leading their industries globally.

Tony, a recognised expert in the region, founder of GreaterBay Ventures will be your tour guide in this keynote and will not only talk about the facts, but will highlight opportunities for you and the others in the “new Bay Area”.

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