Vinh Giang TEDx Talk Featured as Weekly Editor’s Pick!

Vinh Giang’s recent TEDxMacquarieUniversity Talk has been highlighted by as Weekly Editor’s Pick! It is a really great presentation! Vinh talked about how to create the most influential you. Watch it here…

With magic as his metaphor Vinh Giang shared with the audience an extremely powerful way to improve your presentation ability dramatically. A technique used by many magicians all over the world, it’s deceivingly simple yet very effective.

2013 South Australian Entrepreneur of the Year, magician and professional speaker Vinh Giang has been building businesses from a very young age. Through his love of both business and magic over the years, he has discovered many common threads between the world of business and the world of magic.

Vinh is unique in that he not only shares powerful stories from his journey, highlighting key principles of success; he is able to demonstrate and prove to a live audience precisely how real each of his lessons are, using the art of magic as his vehicle. Also being a presentation coach, Vinh firmly believes that a keynote is so much more than just content delivery. It is about bringing the content to life on stage, and each keynote is a performance that Vinh carefully crafts so he can create the most powerful emotional experience for the audience.

By creating a fun yet mysteriously entertaining atmosphere through magic, Vinh is able to ensure each and every member of his audience remains engaged throughout his presentation, and each key business concept is driven home in a truly profound and inspirational manner. After all, it is about making the medicine taste good.

Coming from the humble origins of a refugee family from Vietnam, Vinh has since worked with companies from all over the world, and is fortunate enough to be able to continuously learn from the best. Mentored by internationally recognised high achievers, such as Matthew Michalewicz, Vinh is always looking to expand his knowledge, and share fresh, cutting-edge topics with his audience.

Vinh is fascinated with the psychology behind the mysterious art of magic, and has devoted himself to understanding the ways in which people are fooled not only by illusions, but by the tricks that life plays on us, and that we play on ourselves. Through identifying and understanding how this occurs, he has found ways to unlock the minds of his audience, and ensure his messages are memorable and will create lasting change not only in their businesses, but also their personal lives.??Hearing Vinh will open your mind to new possibilities, as he takes you on an unforgettable journey through his moving family story, remarkable insights into human psychology, business and the wonderful art of magic.

Vinh Giang

Vinh is South Australian born, of Vietnamese / Chinese descent. His parents arrived in Australia as refugees on the 31st of March 1981, with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and have worked tirelessly to create the lifestyle they live today. Since a very young age, Vinh has studied and performed the art of magic. Starting off as the stereotypical quiet Asian child that kept to his close group of friends, Vinh has experienced an amazing transformation over the years through the performance of magic.

His love for not only the art, but what magic has done for himself, opened his eyes to the potential of what it could do for others. His drive is so strong that it has lead to forgoing a career in accounting to pursue his dreams. Specialising in close-up magic, Vinh is the co-founder of online business Encyclopedia of Magic.

Over the course of 18 months, Vinh has taught magic to over 18,000 people all over the world, and the Encyclopedia of Magic has received over 3 million YouTube views.

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