Yvonne Sum
Dr Yvonne Sum brings out the authentic best in people simply by her energy and unwavering belief that everyone is born a genius. She is a pioneer in Parent Leadership coaching: inspiring professional and executive parents, and also eloquently translating this concept to reinstate heart and soul back to corporate and professional organizations. She is a dynamic speaker, facilitator and personal coach using cognitive behavioural and self actualizing psychology in an accelerated learning environment.
Yvonne transforms leaders in her energetic training and coaching programs, tailored to the client’s specific outcomes and cultural needs. Her Transformational Leadership Challenge™ (TLC) series using her Parent Leadership model as a metaphor for business and community leadership from the heart, incorporates work-life balance and fosters learning partnerships at all levels of the organization and community.
Yvonne’s depth of international experience and breadth of clientele span across Australia, the USA and Asia Pacific: including Allens Arthur Robinson, Chanel, Credit Union of Australia, Freehills, Estee Lauder, GHD, Jemena, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark, Malaysian Government, MerckSharpe & Dohme, Microsoft, Nestle, Pfizer, Phillips, Sydney University, Thomas & Coffey and Westpac.
Yvonne has made personal transformations through diverse contexts: from being an officer in the Royal Australian Air Force, to dental surgeon in entrepreneurial practice, media consultant and resident health expert on Australian national lifestyle television At Home with John Mangos, Midday Show, Today Show, Good Medicine and Second Opinion, feature writer for Dental Asia and The Sarawak Tribune, professional actor and presenter, and now expresses her passion as an international keynote speaker, leadership facilitator, transformational coach, business woman, wife and mother.
Dr Sum is an internationally certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Neuro-Semantic (NS) Trainer through the Global NLP Trainers Alliance and is accredited in: BlessingWhite programs (eg MPG, Leading Technical Professionals, Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?), Cert IV WAT, DiSC, Educational Kinesiology, Firo-B, LSI, MBTI I & II, Meta-Coaching.


Leadership in the Balance: From Essence to Presence.
(Self) From Ego-system to Eco-system (Business & Society).  

Dr Yvonne Sum, co-founder of global leadership consultancy 5Echo, (www.5Echo.com) has been leveraging individual and collective leadership experiences to help leaders in business (high-growth family enterprises and organisations) deep dive into their ‘stuck states’ to draw out inner gems in their leadership essence to change their outer leadership presence to breakthrough impasses in their current reality. Using the frameworks described in Dr Sum’s book “Intentional Parenting” (leadership insights from the home tribe) and real-world laboratory of learning from coaching leaders, as well as co-sensing experiences from MIT’s U.Lab, 5Echo helps leaders work from awareness of their blindspots to transforming their selves and their eco-systems.

This program is also offered as a bite-sized learning journey through a smartphone app platform www.Gnowbe.com .

As a keynote: it highlights how the leader becomes aware of how to leverage key challenges of priority using an inside-out approach to develop greater resilience. This program is also being offered as a customised leadership offsite retreats for senior leaders.

Future Proof your Workplace beyond 2020: Generational, Gender, Global

Dr Yvonne Sum has been collaborating with BlessingWhite, GE and FutureWorkplace to facilitate programs that help build leadership mindset shifts and skills to future proof our workforce.

She has been working on overcoming unconscious gender bias in organisations in collaboration with Mobius Executive Leadership (www.mobiusleadership.com) in their Centred-Leadership program, particularly in their Asian cohorts.

She has been coaching leaders and decision-makers in high growth multinational organisations and family enterprises scaling up shift their contextual intelligence to a much more global lens and in a fast-changing VUCA* world. (*VUCA- volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity)

Thriving in a disruptive (VUCA) world

It is relatively easy to take time to assess, consult, diagnose, design, develop, plan, motivate and engage, when the environment remains relatively constant and unchanging – or in what is termed as ‘fair weather’. With rapidly changing situations of uncertain volatility and crisis, there is no such luxury. In ‘raging storms’, learn to stimulate development of you and your teams: creating new learning pathways that make dealing with volatility and crises the new normal.

Yvonne takes you and your team through adaptive strategic thinking and the creative commercial cycle of Disney to make business unusual usual. In viewing leadership through the eyes of a new parent, she makes disruption fun yet fruitful.

Mindful in the Midst of Madness

The tug-of-war on resources to beget results means that organizations are expecting more with less. Working harder and putting in more time is no longer the answer. We are disenchanted and disengaged and need to rethink what to do.

Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz wrote in The Power of Full Engagement in 2003 that managing energy, not time, is the key to high performance and personal renewal.

As a leader in uncertain and very challenging times, we need to be able to take extreme self-care to be able to both energize ourselves and to excite our followers to an exceptional future. We need emotional resilience and spiritual alignment to a meaningful higher purpose, on top of physical focus and mental connectedness.

The leader who persists through the toughest resistance to manifest an ambitious vision draws energy that defies being able to connect to only one’s own reserves, but has a supernormal interconnected-ness to sources beyond the self through mindfulness practice. Indisputable scientific evidence from the Institute of Noetic Sciences is showing this more and more.

Agile in Adversity

World-class leaders today need to spearhead high performing teams with cultural diversity, breadth of capability and depth of experience to achieve exceptional results under extraordinary circumstances. Best practices today means co-creating and co-facilitating sustainable learning on-the-go and innovations- that-stick, through measured risks and impactful shifts. This programme explores an approach to learning and development for teams in fast- moving organisations, where what got them to their previous success, will not get them to the next one.

Outthinker in VUCA (with Kaihan Krippendorf)

Dr Yvonne Sum teams up with Kaihan Krippendorf, author of Outthink the Competition, and business strategy keynote speaker to upskill you in the art and science of innovating in VUCA. (*VUCA- volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity)

Kaihan delivers a set of proven business strategy tools he has used with more than 300 clients to create innovative growth ideas, ideas that increase revenue, profit, and the trajectory of your career. He blends together first-hand stories of inspiring business and social innovators, from Elon Musk to Noble Peace Prize winner Mohammad Yunus. Yvonne brings keys to unlocking your leadership essence to disrupt how you may have previously blocked your self from making more innovative moves, be it in your own business or as a corporate intrapraneur. Together, Yvonne & Kaihan will engage you through a simple approach that turns ‘crazy ideas’ into winning moves.

Leadership Insights of Intentional Parenting

“Intentional parenting is a journey that begins with your conscious decision to become a leader.” Dr Yvonne Sum

Everyone belongs to a tribe. It is not just the football club or the mothers’ group, in a world powered by the instant accessibility of the internet there are many different tribes catering for every aspect of your life. Navigating those tribes is a tricky business. It takes leadership, and the first tribe we learn this from is our family.

Yvonne’s topic of intentional parenting isn’t child’s play. It is a disruptive breakthrough in leadership: a fresh approach that will get results for you and your tribe.

Taking a good look at her own family Yvonne identified seven foundation stones of successful parenting, the 7R’s of parenting. The 7R’s are all lessons that are equally applicable in business: essentially design thinking in leadership. But, unlike a leader in a giant corporation, you cannot sack your family and, unlike many businesses today, you are highly invested in their future success. Together that is the carrot and the stick of investing time in developing your leadership role for the benefit of the tribe – be it at work or home.


“Dr Yvonne Sum is an engaging speaker, whose presentations are always a delight to attend. Her ability to distil complicated theories of behavioural science into practical tips for every day use is her biggest strength. Her lectures are strongly recommended for those who desire to see positive changes at the workplace and in their personal lives.”
~ Danny Chan, Editor, Pablo Publishing, Singapore.

“…I was very impressed with her energy, depth of knowledge and ability to break down often complex theories and make them real and relevant to leadership development. I look forward to continuing the journey and working with her to further develop my skills as a leader.”
~ Kamila Hutchinson, General Manager, Technology Fleet Services

“….Yvonne’s gift is helping others succeed. The ability to transform yourself and your business is a necessary survival skill in this fast-changing world. Yvonne is right up there as one of the best and brightest facilitators in how to transform your life and business and achieve the outcomes you desire. Her own CV is inspirational proof!”
~ Antony Hing, CEO & CoFounder Kunu.tv New Zealand

“Whether Yvonne is working a room or coaching one-on-one, her greatest strength is her ability to build and maintain rapport with just about anybody. She is engaging, dynamic and entertaining. Seemingly highly technical content can magically come alive and even seem fun.”
~ Philippa Bond, CEO & Creative Director, INFORM Training & Research Australia

“I had the pleasure to work with Yvonne during my time at Doha International Airport, part of Qatar Airways Group. Yvonne worked with the team at Doha International Airport to develop and implement our Vision and Mission statement. Furthermore, she helped the team at Doha International Airport to go through the difficult time of the opening of Hamad International Airport. She did that extremely well …Yvonne is a highly professional, skilled and experienced coach, trainer and motivator. She has a vast toolbox which she manages extremely well. I was impressed with her ability to work with different cultures and individuals knowing exactly which tool to use for which team member. She is dedicated, passionate about what she does, focussed to deliver and never gives up.”
~ Patrick Muller , Executive Vice President , Hamad International Airport, Qatar

“…This course has greatly improved my understanding of personalities around me. It will definitely help me cope better with uncertainties and how to manage them better.”
Irene Lim, Senior Marketing Director, Kian Furniture, Malaysia
“Yvonne Sum has an extraordinary way of bringing out the brilliance in her clients. She is exceptional in her compassionate facilitation as she guides you to deeper self discovery. She will coach you to think about your life patterns and connect them to your core values in an intriguing, practical and useful way. Together you will journey the seasons of your life and revel in your authenticity and what makes you personally extraordinary. Yvonne sees and celebrates the natural leader in all of us. She shows us how to be the best of who we are as we determine our contribution to make the world a better place. She’s a lot of fun too!”
~ Jo Romano, Parent Coach, Vermont

“…it is a most interesting program. Not only useful professionally but personally.”
~ Sharifah K., Senior Manager, Service Culture Transformation, Hong Leong Bank

“…I harvest a lot of fruitful learning experiences from this learning lab event.”
~ Chris Chan, Managing Director, Kian Contract, ASEAN

” …The 3-hour workshop Yvonne ran for the regional heads has made me realise this mindset shift is the beginning of how we can execute in our organisation to remain competitive through agility. We all need an injection of your enthusiasm.”
~ Jody Dharmawan, Founder and Director of PT Lee Cooper, Indonesia

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