Robert Plant – Wall Street Journal's Leadership Expert

Robert Plant, Big Data expert, is now part of the Wall Street Journal’s Leadership Experts, a very prestigious group that includes former Prime Minister of Canada, CEOs and consultants such as Dominic Barton who is the Global Managing Director of McKinsey.


Here are the links to his recent articles for Wall Street Journal:

– Robert Plant: Multiple Internets and Proprietary Data Pose Significant Risks

– Robert Plant: Any Item, Anywhere, Any Time. Will 3-D printing live up to the hype?

Robert Plant

Technology thought leader and Harvard Business Review author, Dr. Robert Plant translates the tech-future into strategic execution for today’s executives.

A polymath thought leader on new technologies and their impact on business strategy, Robert brings to his lectures and writing a unique perspective. One gained from combining his formal training in theoretical computer science and a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence with a twenty five year career as a Business School Professor, during which he has undertaken teaching and research at leading universities around the world. He is based at the epicentre of the Americas, in Miami, where he is Director of The Intelligent Computer Systems Research Institute.

Constantly visiting technology firms, research labs, entrepreneurial start-ups, and communicating with businesses leaders enables Robert to identify and link together the jig saw of pieces that ultimately combine into emergent technologies. This is a challenging task, these puzzle pieces are continually morphing as they and their ecosystems interact with one another, but one that he embraces and has molded into his ‘everything is a case study’ methodology, analysis method. Renowned as an energetic speaker, he shares his insights with a touch of British humor and a global perspective to his corporate audiences at executive workshops, as well as working in personal one-on-one executive coaching sessions.

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