Andrew Grant Spoke at TEDxHong Kong: Who Killed Creativity? and How Can We Get it Back

Andrew Grant recently spoke at TEDxHong Kong and gave his audience a highly engaging experience on creativity. He presented the crime of killing creativity, urged the crowd to act as detectives and showed possible suspects—control, fear, pressure, insulation, apathy, narrow-mindedness, pessimism.

Andrew Grant presented his topic in a very interesting and entertaining manner. At the same time, he was able to deliver content that is relevant and timely. Check out his video below:

Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant is the CEO of Tirian and creative designer of Tirian programs. Andrew has worked in the fields of leadership and team development for over 15 years.

As a keynote speaker, Andrew has shared the stage with top international speakers such as Stephen Covey, Jonas Ridderstrale and Bob Nelson. His presentations have reached more than 15 countries, 30 different nationalities and global leadership conferences such as the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) & World Presidents’ Organization (WPO).

Andrew also draws from his experience as a lecturer in Education at the Central Philippines University, pro bono with aid groups in El Salvador, Thailand and tribal India and co-producer of health programs with the International and Indian Schools Total Health Program.

His credentials do not end there; Andrew Grant is also the co-author of more than 30 corporate educational resources, simulations and programs and the book “Who Killed Creativity” (Wiley 2012). Andrew has also been featured on BBC and ABC TV, Singapore radio, the Wall St. Journal and Financial Review. In 2011 he was ranked as one of the top 30 leadership gurus in the world.

Andrew Grant’s speaking topics and seminars include:

  • Who killed creativity?
  • Collaboration: The Collaboration Deception
  • Leadership: Inventing the Future & The leader as a storyteller

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