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Motivational Speaker David Thomas Joins Speakers Connect

David Thomas

We at Speakers Connect are proud to present motivational speaker David Thomas. At the age of 27, after a chequered schooling, David Thomas bought a book on memory and found he had a gift. 8 months later he went to the World Memory Championships and came 4th. Since then, he has garnered several achievements including breaking a […]

David Thomas: Australian Trade Mission in China

Below please find his observations during the Trade Mission: Guangzhou – full of surprises 4 August, 2011 10:59 PM The Australia China 2.0 Mission kicked off today in Guangzhou, and a group of over 100 Australians (the largest ever Australian delegation in China) has now completed the first leg of this 6 day mission to China’s emerging cities. … Wuhan – a transport and logistics hub 6 August, 2011 4:02 PM If you draw a line from the North to South of China between Beijing and Guangzhou, and then another from East to West between Shanghai and Chongqing (the largest city in China and the focus of our visit on Tuesday) the point at which these two lines intersect is the city of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province in central China.

BRIC Expert David Thomas Speaking at Australia-Chinese Business Week

Please see below the event details: 201106290104.jpg 201106290104.jpg Australia-China Business Week is an important event in the calendar for businesses of all sizes looking to engage with China, whether from a business or investment point of view.” –David Thomas, Chair ACBW 2011 Forum ACBW Forum 2011 on 3rd August 2011 at Crown Conference Centre will feature keynote and panel discussions from industry leaders, as well as the latest trends and opportunities from Government to Chinese investors and joint venture partners.

… Dr Professor He-Ling Shi China & Clean Energy – Implications for Australia China’s continuing investment and commitment to the development of clean technology, renewable energy (hydro, nuclear, solar, wind, biomass and more efficient use of coal and existing energy sources) and clean energy vehicles so as to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and rapidly improve the environment creates opportunities on both sides of the Australia China relationship.

David Thomas: Doing Business in Asia – Tips and Suggestions

We’re passionate about what we do, we want to get results and, knowing that we don’t have much time to make an impression, we often start pitching our capabilities or products before we’ve spent enough time exploring the needs, desires and aspirations of the people we’re talking to. … The differences, idiosyncrasies and complexities of say Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea when compared with Mainland China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia are so diverse that you could spend a lifetime trying to understand them all….and even then you would find it hard to distill your thoughts into a single market entry strategy.

BRIC Expert David Thomas Joins Speakers Connect

He managed his own financial services business in Hong Kong for 8 years (1987 – 1995) which provided unique insights and first hand experience of the changing landscape within the Asia Pacific region, particularly the opening up of China, the rise of Japan and the Asian tigers, and the emergence of India. … As well as working with companies within many industry sectors (e.g. retail, professional services, manufacturing, food, education, publishing, design and technology) David continues to support financial services companies seeking to expand their global footprint, leveraging business and investment networks throughout the region, leading an annual mission to the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong, and as the Chairman of the Australasian Financial Forum in Australia.